Taste the Cracklin Catered For A Barn Dance

Back in the day (you know, the 1860s) barn dances were all the rage with the whole community getting involved in the celebrations, but over the years it seems like the nation’s love of communal dancing has slowly withered, and the repertoire of classic moves has almost entirely disappeared with the exception of the occasional wedding or family do. Determined to show people how fun barn dances can be, Michael took matters into his own hands and planned his very own event – and what better way to celebrate an age-old tradition than with a good old hog roast?!

Taste the CracklinWhen Michael approached Taste the Cracklin, he knew immediately that he wanted to put a modern spin on the traditional event with the intention of making it more appealing for the younger generations and after taking some time to look through our expansive menus and listening to the expert advice of our resident catering manager, Michael decided on a bespoke buffet centred around our classic hog roast menu. Pleased that he no longer had to concern himself with figuring out how to feed and cater for 200 people, Michael set himself the task of updating his guests and decorating the barn he had managed to hire for the occasion with autumnal garlands and rustic centrepieces.

With hours to spare before the folk band and guests arrived, Taste the Cracklin loaded up the catering van with a selection of locally sourced and free-range produce before making the journey to the venue where they promptly began preparing the evening’s buffet. Before long, the barn was filled with scents of spit roasted pig, sweet applesauce and savoury stuffing which quickly caught the attention of arriving guests who were keen to tuck in!

As the guests completed their first string of dances, Taste the Cracklin added the fishing touches to the feast by including a trio of freshly prepared salads, warm new potatoes in a herb butter and a meat-free alternative of grilled vegetable skewers. The event proved to be a huge success among the exhausted guests who were eager to fill their plates with large helpings of the mouth-watering food before heading back to the dance floor!

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