Spectacular Taste the Cracklin Corporate Halloween Party

With Halloween becoming only more and more popular year upon year, it makes sense for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity to increase sales and create some bespoke Halloween themed products. Of course, for other businesses, it can simply be an excuse for an office party to thank the staff for all their hard work!

Taste the CracklinThis was the case for an event Taste the Cracklin catered at this Halloween. We had been contacted by client Harry, who was organising a Halloween themed event for his company. The company was, in fact, a fancy-dress shop and in the run-up to Halloween, the store is at its busiest time of year supplying costumes, makeup and props for parties across the UK. As a special thank you to his employees, and as an avid lover of Halloween himself, Harry wanted to put on a fancy-dress party to celebrate.

Taste the Cracklin had been asked to provide our classic hog roast for their event which was being held at a local function room with open bar for all of Harry’s guests. We had also been asked to turn up in fancy dress and given complimentary costumes by the store so there were no excuses!

As the guests arrived, we were blown away by the effort everyone had gone to. Not only had the venue itself been decked out with only the highest quality decorations from floor to ceiling but everyone who turned up was adorned from head to toe in their own bespoke costumes. It really was the best Halloween party Taste the Cracklin have ever been to!

As the guests helped themselves at the open bar, it was about time to serve up our Taste the Cracklin. Carved into thick slices we encouraged guests to make their own hog roast rolls with extra helpings of applesauce, stuffing and crackling for the most delicious Halloween hog roast!

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