Come with us on a journey to one of our events.

In todays BLOG diary, you will be coming along with us to a hog and spit roast event. As a way of allowing you immediate access into the fun and excating world of hog and spit oast events – it doesn’t come much better than this. Today we are catring for a large corporation at one of their annual meetings – crucial for them gaining funding from their investors as well as securing business contracts from their overseas trading partners and affiliates. Pressure? We love the stuff. And as for the food we are going to serve – we simply cannot wait to see everyones faces light up. With our vast experience of corporate events, as well as all other types of events, we know that the mood can often take some time to lift and become relaxed. This is where we come in. Through the use of the hog and spit roast, we offer a type of catering that involves people and thrills them too. It allows for conversatin to flow and really allows people to relax and enjoy themselves. So off we go!

Just picked up our meats from our farm suppliers – the two whole pigs which have been recently butchered look excellent – with great colour and perfect meat to fat ratio. The lambs look equally as good – great deep colour and good marbling through the meat. With all of our ingredients and equipment its to the venue we go. When it comes to having a Hog Roast in Bedford, we are most certainly the last word.

At the venue and have spoken with the hosting company. They are keen for perfection and we have instilled confidence in them. We all run through our final organisational routine to ensure that everyone knows service times and service points – then its onto the machines and spits with the meats. After seasoning, the meats will roast and turn slowly towards a lovely golden colour. With the lamb, the fat will continually baste in order to create food heaven.

Prepared the accompaniments and the gueswts have taken a real shine and an interest in the food – everything is going swimmingly.

After the event we received nothing but praise – and we leave a party that is relaxed and truly satisfied.

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