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Hog Roast Yorkshire

Although there is a multiple number of ways in which a social occasion can be organised and held in a variety of locations, these social occasions could be for a celebration party at a football stadium. When this happens, catering might need to be provided but have you ever considered a completely different way of delivering excellent catering for a social occasion? If this party or social function is a hog roast York, a hog roast in Borough Bridge or anywhere else in Yorkshire, then we are able to provide your social occasion with something special that will help for it to be a complete success. Situated in and doing hog roasts in North Yorkshire, hog roasting is a very exciting thing to do and in such a picturesque place. Although its population is not extensive, the popularity of our services in this county has never been higher with us providing our services for a number of reasons such as the aforementioned. But what is it that we can provide for a hog roast party?For social occasions of any kind, these can be held in a variety of locations such as in a family member’s back garden or even in a stately home. This celebration could be a wedding reception or even an awards evening for a local pub team. No matter where the hog roast york social occasion is being held, catering might need to be provided. For smaller crowds, catering for this type of gathering might not be required as the host or hostess might provide their own catering. For larger events (such as the aforementioned awards evening) catering could not be provided by the same place which is hosting the event. When this situation happens, there is a perfect solution which we have extensive experience in. Whether the number of people who are invited reaches over two thousand, we are more than capable of helping out. Thanks to the hog roast machines which we can supply, a wide range of meats can be cooked in a succulent way which tastes absolutely wonderful. With many locations able to benefit from hiring our machines, one such county which we have provided our services for have included the county of Yorkshire. But what actually can be cooked using our machines?Not only can hog be prepared but also beef, lamb and a vegetarian option as well. Many of my customers have remarked about how wonderful their meat is when cooked using our machines. This is especially evident when our customers choose to accompany their meat with apple sauce and salads. In all, we offer our hog roast York catering in different price bands which can fit into any budget.

Hog Roast Harrogate

The first price band which we offer is that the machine and the meat are provided for you and served in a roll by our expert chefs. This has allowed for our customers to sit back and enjoy themselves whilst their meat is cooked for them. When a customer chooses this option, we normally arrive on the day a few hours before a social occasion is due to take place. This enables us to get organised and cook your meat perfectly as well as having plenty of time to cook the meat which you have chosen we will also freshly prepare any other food we are providing. Another option is that the machine can be supplied but not the meat. This has allowed for our customers to cook their choice of meat in the way that they want. The meat which these customers have chosen might have been from a number of suppliers (such as a local farm) or that the animal was reared in a way that the customer preferred. It has also been the case that they want to offer their guests a type of meat which they haven’t tried before. Hiring our machines has given them a prime opportunity for this. I organised a charity fundraiser for the PTA at my children’s school. We took over the park opposite the pub, then once people had bought a drink they crossed the road to queue for a pork sandwich. Hogroast Event Catering delivered to the park at a good time for me, and by pub opening time I had it all up and running. We don’t have many members, and I was concerned it might take lots of time and attention, but it was honestly just a case of pressing a button. Lots of people said what good value for money the sandwiches were, and we raised enough to subsidise next year’s big school trip. It was a good experience, and I was more than satisfied. So for all social occasions in Yorkshire, choosing to hire our hog machines will enable for a wonderful experience to be had. By contacting our dedicated team will enable you to discover about the many benefits of choosing our machines. We can guarantee that you will have a tremendously enjoyable time thanks to the excellent food that you’ll be able to taste.

Areas around Yorkshire we offer hog roast catering services too:

Hog Roast Harrogate, Ripon, Scarborough, Selby, Settle, Skipton, York.

There really is only one perfect option when it comes to catering for that special event, social function or family occasion and it’s the one that you probably have heard about from many other people who have also been charmed by it. Hog roast York catering simply is the very best way to cater for that special event by treating yourself and your guests to some of the best freshly cooked food around. And when we say fresh, we mean it. Hog roast represents quality food in catering at its very best and certainly represents a welcome change from event catering of old, when boring sandwiches and dodgy dishes of questionable origin reigned supreme.
Whatever the nature of your event, you are going to find that hog roast not only fits in perfectly to your plans but that it is a meal that has universal appeal to every Yorkshire taste. This is a county that loves great food and hog roast delivers on flavour by the bucketload. There really is nothing quite like the incredible flavour of hog roast to keep a big party of hungry diners happy, especially when the meat that they are busy tucking into is one that has been cooked with immense care.
When you book a hog roast in York, you may not be too sure what you are letting yourself in for, but you can be sure that what you will be getting is a totally professional approach to catering like you have never experienced before. You may have been to many events where cooking was not even part of the catering process and everything was simply delivered to tables in clingfilm. This is not the case with a hog roast. This is a dish that is professionally cooked and guarantees you some of the most incredible tasting meat that you will ever taste.
Why does it taste so good? Well, there are few reasons. For a start, hog roast is freshly cooked using only the very best quality meat, namely a superb whole pig. Not any old pig but a locally sourced and quality reared pig that is chosen especially for your event. The chef will have made sure that this pig is going to provide you with flavours to die for, and to achieve that it will need to be cooked for a good six hours. Yes, six hours is what it takes to get the very best results from a whole pig….but it is worth it. Meat that is slow roasted always tastes fantastic but it never tastes as good as hog roast. This really is the king of roast meats with meat that is as succulent as any meat you will ever have tasted and crackling that is simply incredible. The aromas you get from hog roast are unbelievable and the smiles you will get from guests when they take a bite are guaranteed.
Still not sure about the catering for your York event? Then make sure you speak to a hog roast caterer today.