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Taste the CracklinWelcome to our FAQ page, here you will find many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive from interested parties about the services we offer, potential limitations and so on.

We often receive phone calls and Emails asking questions about our service that are already answered on the website, but not everybody has the time to read through all the text on our website so this is a small page where we look at and answer many of the common questions we receive.

If your questions are not answered in our FAQ, please do not hesitate to send an Email our way. We always aim to respond to Emails within a day.

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We are getting married do you offer special wedding assistance?

Our wedding menus themselves cover everything, be it arrival drinks or a formal sit down meal. We offer a wide variety of main course meals, starts, desserts etc.

We can provide you with a completely bespoke menu, custom-tailored just for you. We’re only a call away and here to go through any requirements or queries that you might have, however big or small.

We’ll also meet up with you in person if you’d like to discuss any requirements or wants you might have in a little more detail, or we can meet to help you get a better idea of our bbq catering service and a taste for our machines and food.

After this, we’ll write up your schedule of the day to give you a crystal-clear understanding of what it is we’ll be doing and when. But no need to threat, we can change this schedule as many times as needed in the run-up to your Wedding day, as well as being about to answer any of those last minute questions or concerns you might have!

Another reason our clients choose our catering service is for the theatre and grandness that our machines provide, truly, this aspect can’t be overstated.

At Weddings big and small, high-budget and low, our spit roasts are always the topic of conversation, and too the subject of marvel — And that’s before people get to taste the food. Providing a truly amazing service and food that’s unmatched by the rest, we look forward to making your special day all the more special.

I’m thinking of hiring a hog roast machine do your hog roast machines have the appropriate certifications?

Yes, the machines have all the appropriate certifications, are CE marked and comply to health and safety requirements. The machines we have regularly pass such tests without issue.

Hiring a hog roasting machine and becoming a DIY roaster will certainly trim the costs for a special event. If you envisage requiring a roaster regularly, long term it may well prove advisable to invest in a hog roast machine.

Tried and tested over several years until they were deemed suitable enough to meet the stringent requirements of the business, including longevity and durability, a stainless steel base and steering system makes for a flexible unit for all occasions, available as a hog or spit roast and as a combined machine for a comprehensive cooking set.

A professional model can also be purchased which is perfect for barbeques with large numbers of guests, as it is capable of cooking large portions simultaneously, so you could theoretically have several chickens roasting at the same time as making the potatoes, eliminating frustrating waiting times for the food to be fully prepared.

Even when events aren’t planned months in advance, the machines from Hog Roast Events Catering are available to send out with next day delivery, so buyers can become the envy of the town, with the ability to prepare foods to rival or better all local restaurant establishments and live out fantasies of becoming a top of the range banquet style chef.

Can I have a hog roast in winter

The best thing about a hog roast is that it can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. Many people imagine the festival atmosphere of a summer fete or BBQ as the instant choice when thinking of a hog roast culinary event, but it becomes equally appealing during the harsher winter months when huddled around the fire of the hog roasting machines and the aroma from the natural juices of the hog is filtering through the cool night air.

Many modern machines have been adapted for not only durability, but manoeuvrability due to their lightweight stature, as seen on the rentable as well as purchasable machines from Hog Roast Event Catering, which lend themselves to both indoor and outdoor dining.

Hog roasts need not be limited to summertime occasions, with the ability to cook indoors a feature of the machines being used. The mobility of the Hog Roast Catering machinery allows for preparation upstairs or downstairs during winter time, with the modernised and impressive steel finish of the machines ensuring the roast is the centre of attention rather than an oversized distraction.

With the slow cooking process known to be the best way to cook delicious meat, being visible to guests with the see through glass panels, allowing them to work up an appetite as they watch the hog rotate into a splendidly crisped pork product, with the sensory aromatic overload becoming only more intense when brought indoors.

The hog roast experience certainly lends itself to a party atmosphere, with side sauces and salads perfectly complimented with ciders and wines.

The roast lends itself well to a celebratory event and can mix and match with a variety of foods for discovering the finest freshly cooked culinary experience Britain has to offer, as the country looks to become more adventurous and notable across the world for unique and eye catching dining experiences.

Do you cater outside of Kent?

We do. Hog Roast Event Catering focuses heavily on a localised service within each region so that we can tailor our services to the individual demands of clients and communities.

We can cater for any region in the United Kingdom.

Can we make changes to your set menus?

One of the great benefits that come with using us for your hog roasting is that we’re hugely flexible, offering not only a sizeable number of set-menus but also the opportunity for clients to make alterations to a set-menu, or to work closely with ourselves to create a brand new, custom menu that will be unique to your own event.

This often comes in handy for clients throwing theme parties or in need of catering for Christmas or other religious celebrations, for example. Hog roasting not a new idea, with the concept dating back hundreds of years to the days of roasting animals on the fire in the desolate countryside of medieval Britain, becoming commonplace at all celebrations.

The unique experience is now being revived across the country, with many people no longer willing to settle for a straightforward eating experience, with hog roasting reaching out to all senses as a supremely visual and aromatic method of preparing and enjoying food. This type of cooking lends itself perfectly to a party environment or any event where many people are gathered.

The spit roasted, rotated pig cooks slowly to provide the most succulent meat and enticing of aesthetics, while the aromatic smell drifting through the air is made possible by the flames running at just right temperature to allow for the natural juices of the hog to slowly seep through for a scent that is truly beguiling.

The beauty of a hog roast is that it compliments many different scenarios so well, whether used to bring in extra guests at a special pub night, or even as an extravagant meal at home amongst friends or family, with the hog perfectly complimenting fine wines and ciders, as well as potatoes and salads, ensuring everyone will go home well fed no matter what sauces, condiments or food stuff matches the tastes of guests.

How much is your catering, I can’t find the prices on your website!

Unfortunately you can’t see the prices online because we’re unable to provide set prices for interested parties. Due to the nature of our service it would be futile to give set prices of even estimates of prices for each menu, because the price of our services are also heavily influenced by the number of people we will be feeding, the time of the year and even the day of the week.

When the occasion calls for a more sophisticated effort, a high class carving service at the table can also be arranged, while depots across the country ensure that the various meats used are always the freshest of ingredients.

With much of the work done on site at a time to suit the guests, rather than using pre-prepared or pre-cooked foods, we guarantee a service to please all, whether you are a pork lover or not, with meats such as spring lamb, spitted chicken and beef adhering to the taste buds of many.

Can you provide for Vegetarians, Muslims and others?

It’s always been our intention to make our spit roast catering services available for all, with no exception. If you have Vegetarian guests we are able to cook vegetarian dishes and this can be arranged before hand, the vegetarian dishes we cook are as good as any you or your friends will have tasted.

We can also provide halal, kosher and other meats for guests or parties who have religious restrictions on the type of food they can eat. We’ve catered for many Muslim and Jewish religious celebrations so you can be fully confident in our ability to maintain our high standards of amazing food, no matter what your requirements.

I’m interested in your hire service, what is the cost and do I need any knowledge or skills to use one?

Renting a machine for a special event is obviously a better idea if you want the full hands on experience of a hog roast even rather than a fully catered arrangement, to become the envy of friends and family as you host a unique and entertaining party style BBQ whether at home or in a pub environment.

The stainless steel based machines are capable of not only serving a large hog roast which can provide for up to 150-200 people, but are also versatile enough to prepare further meats such as chicken and beef, as well as side orders such as cooked potatoes, simultaneously.

All tastes are catered for with the full set of equipment required to prepare a varied banquet from one singular unit, making cooking for large numbers a much less stressful task.

The machines have been through a rigorous testing period across thousands of events up and down the country to transform into mobile and durable units for all weather types, while they are even adaptable to indoor dining by being lightweight enough to transfer between floors.

If the experience proves a success, it may become particularly appealing and cost effective to buy a hog roast machine, of which the rented price will be deducted from the final total, making for an intelligent ‘try before you buy’ process.

If you would like full prices and information on our machine hire you can learn more on our hire page or get in touch with us directly. Anybody can use our machines; they’re incredibly easy to use as we design them with client usability in mind.

Don’t be put off if you’re not confident and haven’t used a machine before, it couldn’t be any easier and we’ll even give you a demonstration on delivery. We currently have 2 machines, one called The Titan and the other The Professional.

Both are built to the same quality and to our own standards of excellence, but there is a difference in size and therefore output capability. The Titan is our biggest machine and is capable of cooking twice as much as The Professional.

The Professional is ideal for smaller events and parties, while the Titan is great for parties with a lot of guests or commercial use, such as in restaurants, pubs, cafes etc.

After witnessing the process of a well presented hog roast from the professionals, you may come to the conclusion that hiring or purchasing a hog roast machine may not necessarily be out of reach financially or the limits of your cooking prowess.

Nobody needs to be the next Gordon Ramsay to use a hog roasting machine, although it will feel like living out the dream of being a top buffet style chef when utilising machinery designed through years of harnessing new technology at different events, ensuring they are now durable as much as lightweight and mobile.

A single 60kg hog roast is capable of serving up to 200 people at a time, while the high-end professional machines can multi-task in the same instance as preparing the hog, with further meats such as chicken or beef possible to please everyone.

A renting or buying of a hog roasting machine need not be limited to private means, as caterers or restaurants may also find them very useful, especially if preparing large portions of meat at a time or organising a BBQ night.

If ordering a machine from Hot Roast Event Catering, an option to deliver the next day is possible, ensuring last minute plans need not be halted by slow delivery times.

Each machine bought comes with full CE registered certification, ensuring the equipment used is safe and ready to be used as a fully functional mobile BBQ capable of cooking high quality fresh meat to equal all better any local restaurant, for use indoors or out if the weather permits.

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