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Taste the CracklinHog roast Ashford has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? I wonder what the town’s fifty eight thousand people would make of such a name change?

Well, that is not going to happen but there certainly is a new appetite in Ashford and other parts of the UK for the great taste of hog roast, for the long lost medieval feast is making something of a comeback. So what is it that has made the hog roast Ashford appetite re-appear?

Maybe it is something to do with people’s attitude to food as a whole. After all, people are more adventurous these days and are always looking for new flavours, whether here in Ashford or elsewhere. Hog roast is one of those traditional meals that will appeal to the forward thinking Ashford diner because it is so rustic and back to basics in its simplicity. Remember that hog roast is a medieval dish so we are not talking over the top cooking here. Or are we?

Hog roast Ashford experts would disagree. Take the hog roast cooking process. Okay, so there is no open fire to cook the quality whole pig over but you do have the next best thing: the hog roasting machine. This formidable and impressive piece of equipment allows the hog roast chef to slowly cook the hog roast for a long six hours until it is perfectly cooked. Six hours is some going, but just imagine what that slow cooking does for the flavour.

You will never taste any meat – let alone a hog roast – with meat quite as succulent or quite as tasty as this in Ashford. Incredible juicy meat and the crispiest crackling you will ever sink your teeth into. I’d say it was slightly over the top…but certainly worth it.

Your Local Hog Roast Ashford Catering Team

So, you know all about the hog roast cooking process and how involved it all is, but when can you sample this great porky delicacy for yourself? You have two options: either get yourself invited to a friend’s event or organise one yourself in Ashford.

The first one may be the easier option but it does mean you knowing some friends with particularly good taste in catering. Maybe you know someone who is in the process of organising a garden party or marquee style event and have chosen hog roast as their food of choice? If so, it’s time to remind them what a good friend you are…and hope for an invite.

If that’s not looking a likely option then it looks like you are just going to have to do things yourself. Time to scan your diary and look for some suitable forthcoming event to celebrate. Anniversary coming up? Kids birthdays? Exam results? There must be something to celebrate, and if not, why not just hold a party anyway? After all, you don’t really need an excuse to have a party, do you?

An Ashford hog roast can make a great event, even if that means that you have to make up an event in order to enjoy it in the first place.

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