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Taste the CracklinLife began for me in Banbury, Oxfordshire, I have lived here for nearly 35 years and love everything about it, the people the surroundings and my own brand of cuisine.I work as a hog roast chef in and around Banbury; during my career I have done many hog roast Banbury events.

They are some of my favourite hog roasts to date, not only because a lot of my friends and family attend but also because it means I don’t have too far to travel! Banbury is a quiet place and my reason for a career in hog roasts is because I didn’t fancy working for the General Foods factory, now known as Kraft that employs many people past and present in the surrounding areas.

This week has been good for me as I had a hog roast hire Banbury style itself, I was working at a private party which was based on Banbury United’s football ground, I have a great love for football as well as Banbury United so it was quite an honour to be working and providing a great hog roast for favourite team and associates.

My own hog roast Banbury events are prepared in my kitchen at home many hours prior to roasting, I obtain my hogs from a great local farmer who rears them by hand and ensures that they have the best lives possible and that all of the animal standards are met. These hogs are cleaned and prepared for me to work my magic (as it has been called!) what I like to do is match the taste of fresh pork with apple but make the match so perfect that my customers and anyone that tastes or smells my work, can’t help but be intrigued or drawn to it!

For my apple marinade and stuffing, I use bramley apples that have been grown by my wife on our tree and they are pesticide-free and 100% organic. These apples are the same that go into my apple sauce as well as the cider that I inject into the hog before roasting. I always feel that with an apple-roasted hog, it is important to add plenty of bunches of sage into the hog with good quality sausages.

These are excellent after the hog is roasted and the apple juice has absorbed through the sausage and the overall meat on the hog. For marinades, I like to rub the hog’s skin with olive oil and a good mix of sage and thyme, this mix adds great depth to the taste of the crackling. A good combination that I have found with my hog roasts, is a locally sourced cheddar cheese, you may not think pork and cheese go together well but believe me, an apple roasted hog with tangy cheddar cheese is one of life’s little pieces of heaven.

Hog Roasting With A Twist in Banbury

Adding a fresh salad into the mix works absolute wonders and makes a fantastic lunch or dinner, that’s not to say that a warmed up hog roast sandwich isn’t the king of breakfasts! I tend to use baguettes these days as a way of serving the roast this is mainly because of the texture that it provides for my hungry guests or clients and it appears to have been a winner in previous events that I have catered for.

The hog roast hire Banbury was a great success and I was proud to have served my favourite players and football club staff, it really gave me a great sense of pride to see them all enjoying my passion and hard work. Especially in my home town’s football club!

I remember attending my very first football match here when I was very young with my father, I never dreamed that I’d get the chance to work here doing something that I loved…I forgot to mention that I was unfortunately blessed with two-left feet, so my career in football itself was quite short-lived!

I even chose to add in an extra dose of my home made barbecue sauce which is on special request this is made with honey and bourbon which does create a divine mix of flavours that many guest have enquired as to where they can buy the sauce from, Dragons Den, here I come! That is one of the main reasons that many hog roast hire Banbury caterers do the job they do, the preparation, the dedication and most of all, the look upon all of the diners faces when they take that first bite into the most succulent, tasty, flavoursome sandwich that they have ever experienced.

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