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Taste the CracklinWhen we think of the summer we think of barbecues but have you ever thought about hog roasting instead? Hog roasting has taken over barbecues and proven extremely popular in the last few years.

Hog roasting does not make a mess and you don’t get smoke like the traditional charcoal barbecue. Hog roast Battersea catering are a well- established company who have now been trading for the past five years. We are situated centrally in this inner city district Battersea is a well known area and houses lots of people and has proven in the past ten years an extremely popular area to live.

Everything is fast paced and the people always want the latest craze and when we first opened Hog roast hire Battersea they were all intrigued! We knew the locals would find hog roasting interesting and the day we launched we threw open our doors and invited most of Battersea to come along and join us!

Hog roast Battersea catering put up the marquee, set out the tables and lined up the machines everyone was amazed when they saw the pig on the machine as most had never seen hog roasting before, we also had our other machines filled with chicken, lamb and turkey the smell really drew in the crowds! Hog roast hire Battersea thought we would get a good turn out but gosh we were stunned at just how many did, hundreds of eager curious people gathered around our marquee all eager to taste our food.

We soon got to work carving the meat and laying the tables soon the chairs were all filled and we had scores of people standing too! Everyone was amazed at the taste and could not believe how good the meat tasted and we were inundated with questions, which we were so eager to answer.

We handed out leaflets to everyone, which stated who we were, our telephone number and our web address, the leaflet also showed a sample of our menus and everyone was really interested. The day could not have gone better and the sun even shone!

Perfect Pork In Battersea

We even took bookings at our opening party, which was a bonus and the next day we received more calls and to be honest we have been busy continuously for the past five years and we all agree that our open day has secured our work to this day! We are now so well known and serve Battersea and the surrounding areas on a regular basis, and are always busy we have been there for shop openings, and a night club was launched just before Christmas and we catered for that also it was a huge event two thousand guests in total!

We have been there for Halloween parties and Bonfire night was really amazing we were hired to attend a huge firework display and we supplied all the hot meat sandwiches, which went down really well. Birthdays for all ages, christenings, anniversary the list goes on and on. One of our personal favourites was actually for last Valentine’s Day, we were asked by a lovely guy if we would cook a surprise meal for his and his girlfriend as he was about to propose!

We set up our machine in the guys back yard he had it all decorated with streamers and banners and had a little round table set with a candle his girl friend was really overwhelmed and she did say yes!

That was our smallest but we loved it and we always recollect the story. So all you need is a bit of imagination and then add the pig couldn’t be simpler. Hog roasting is not only fun but it is first class catering and nothing comes close, meat cooked naturally and the portions are huge!

We work all through the year and did we mention our machines work indoor too? We really have taken over and consider ourselves as leaders in the catering field and to be honest we have started a new trend, as everyone now wants hog roasting!

We have been getting telephone calls and web bookings in their droves these past few weeks and each ear proving to be busier than the last, We have three weddings, four birthdays, one christening, one anniversary and a leaving party to date and we are really amazed! Hog roasting is growing fast and we want you all to experience the great taste and experience the atmosphere give us a try we know for sure you will be amazed!

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