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Taste the CracklinBenfleet in Essex is where my last job as a hog roast caterer was situated, being from Kent, I had never travelled to that area before but was looking forward to it.

It was based at Benfleet yacht club, this is one of my interests and I was keen to check out some of their facilities. There is not much known about Benfleet apart from it being a quiet, leafy town just outside of Essex. I was pleased to see the local people there when I began setting up my area to start the hog roast in Benfleet.

I started working as hog roast caterer in 2006 and have enjoyed every part of learning, watching and eating my work. As many hog roasts can take a long time, I am quite fortunate that I can reduce that time with the equipment that I use. Currently, my equipment will take approximately 5 hours to complete a fully roasted and incredibly succulent hog that my guests will not be able to get enough of.

For the yacht club I decided to use a different technique for the hog and go for an Italian feel, I prepared some Italian-style herbs and spices for the skin as well as some sea salt for authentic crackling.

I have always believed that the secret to a fantastic hog roast is in the crackling, this can give the diner a fantastic dining experience; which is what I strive to do at every event. I rub the skin down with a little olive oil, salt and my herb mix, depending on what theme I’m going with for the event.

The Italian theme seems to work very well with all of my customers that have sampled. The Italians are lovers of pork, despite what you may think when it comes to Italian cuisine, they have pork in a lot of their food, especially in a traditional Ragu sauce, pork and beef are normally mixed together.

All The Right Ingredients For A Fabulous Feast with Hog Roast Benfleet

I opted to stuff the hog roast Benfleet style catering with a sage and sausage-meat mix, this gives me a wonderful little bonus to present with the meat after the hog roast Benfleet is ready to serve. The combination of the sage and slow-roasted pork is very special indeed.

Whilst I was in Benfleet for the day before the hog roast, I decided to take a look around the local area, I managed to find the All Saints Church which is a wonderful building, and it is unfortunately in disrepair now so it sits quietly in a very peaceful environment. It was nice to visit before the hectic hog roast later on! I decided to serve the Italian themed hog roast in Benfleet on ciabatta bread which is a superb combination of flavours and textures to go with slow-roasted pork.

This combination is also in keeping with the theme and isn’t too heavy going for my guests as it’s generally quite light-tasting bread. I always keep a good salad on hand for guests and the hog roast hire Benfleet was no exception, I make my own dressings and like to provide crisp lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and cucumber. The Benfleet hog roast was good fun as the locals were all very keen to see what would be unveiled from my silver machine that smelt so sensational.

They kept me talking the whole time I was roasting, asking me different tips for their home cooked Sunday lunches! I gave many tips but kept one back just for you, when scoring the skin on your gammon joint or ham, make some rudimentary holes in it and poke through cloves of garlic before scoring the skin entirely for the crackling. This not only gives a wonderful aroma when roasting but also penetrates through all of the meat giving it a wonderful taste which cannot be matched.

The hog roast hire Benfleet was a great success and many of the guests want me to return for some of their own private parties, I loved meeting all them and networking at the same time.

Sometimes this job doesn’t actually feel like a job at all! The roast was fantastic, as were the free drinks I was later invited along too, as much as my job is about the satisfaction of roasting a hog and seeing people enjoy it, it’s also really splendid to see communities socialising with each other and not just sitting at home watching television. It’s these moments when I’m proud to say that I can help their events go along smoothly.

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