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Taste the CracklinThere are around twenty six thousand people in Bethnal Green and it’s fair to say that almost every one of them loves a good party or special function. Most people do love an opportunity to put on their ‘special’ clothes, enjoy a drink or two and eat some great food.

The sad fact of the matter is that, in Bethnal Green and everywhere else in the UK, party and event food has had a pretty bad press over the years. Even the very best parties can be let down badly by the usual suspects such as chicken drumsticks, limp salads and pallid pizza. I think it’s time to banish lousy party and event food forever and herald an exciting new era of hog roast Bethnal Green.

Hog roast Bethnal Green won’t be a name you see on any maps but hog roast should be a more common sight at garden parties, family functions and some of those special family and corporate occasions in Bethnal Green.

People love great food, especially those in Bethnal Green who are lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful mix of cultures in their food. Why Bethnal Green put up with tasteless grub when hog roast can liven up any occasion with delightful flavours that everyone loves.

Hog roast Bethnal Green to the rescue. Let’s start with the good old family get together in the back garden. Why not share the love and invite more friends and neighbours? Make a true party of it by adding a hog roast chef to your Bethnal Green knees up.

Everybody will be staring at the hog roast chef and the whole pig roasting away, and the aromas coming from the pig will be something special. Everybody will be desperate to get stuck in and enjoy the hog roast. The younger members of your party will find it all very exciting…as well as very tasty, whilst the simplicity of the food will appeal to the older generations who know that simple is often best.

But supposing you have a more formal event coming up such as a family wedding or christening and you want to impress your Bethnal Green guests. Is hog roast really an option that could fill this void?

Hog Roast Catering Menus For Any Occasion In Bethnal Green

Absolutely, hog roast Bethnal Green weddings and christenings are the best. Hog roast is one of the most delicious and rewarding catering solutions you can think of when it comes to these events. You see, hog roast is not just the sort of meat that is good for informal get togethers.

Hog roast enjoys a double life as one of the very best formal occasion foods you will find. Hog roast meat can be carved exquisitely and presented professionally on the dinner plate. Add potatoes, vegetables, crispy crackling and sauce and you have a meal that would grace any fine restaurant table. It tastes delicious too, so your guests certainly won’t be questioning your wisdom when it came to choosing hog roast.

Make your Bethnal Green event something extra special and choose a hog roast, whatever the occasion. Just imagine the taste of succulent tender meat, meat that just falls apart and the smell just makes your mouth water.

Crackling that is crispy and crunchy and tastes like bliss! Well you need not imagine any longer as we at Hog roast Bethnal Green catering can supply you with the tastiest food around. We are situated in Bethnal Green a very highly populated area today with a mixture of races and cultures the district boasts great community spirit and is a shadow of its former self.

Bethnal Green was once marsh land and dates back to Anglo Saxon times it used to be agricultural but that has now long gone. We have been catering now for eight years and it was just by accident how we began. I used to enjoy hog roasting and it was to be honest just a hobby more and more people were asking me if I would hog roast for them and I was spending most weekends rushed off my feet, I was made redundant and had a comfortable amount of money and decided to put it to good use and turn my hobby into a business.

Hog roast hire Bethnal Green were up and running within weeks, I purchased two machines, bought a van and arranged with suppliers about getting regular meat orders hopefully if my business took off, but I need not have worried as after our first event we were away and have not stopped for breath since! In the early days I had leaflets and cards printed advertising the business and paid a few boys to deliver them all around Bethnal Green.

Hog roast Bethnal Green catering have come a long way since then and now have a sophisticated flash website which showcases what we do, we receive hundreds of hits each week and this is how we receive most of our orders technology has really enhanced and helped our business flourish. Lots of our bookings are still from word of mouth recommended by scores of satisfied customers.

Hog roast hire Bethnal Green now has a large work force and we make a point of employing the locals. We have come such a long way when we first started it was just myself and a friend and now there are twenty of us!

Most people who have never tried hog roasting think we are expensive but that really is not true, it costs less per head with us as there is virtually no waste on the meat and one pig feeds a lot of people. Hog roasting brings people together and we have seen this first hand time and time again some times at an event it is quite but you can guarantee ours never are when people see the pig the whole place comes alive with chatter and giggles guest are really intrigued seeing the pig in all its glory!

We love putting on a show and all our staff agree that it does not feel like we are going to work as we are all so dedicated and love our jobs now not many people can say that! Hog roasting is the oldest most traditional method of cooking and you can just imagine centuries ago people gathered watching meat cook on an open fire.

We feel we have captured that today as centuries later and people are still gathering and mesmerised watching the meat. We are masters in what we do and we are perfectionist always looking to improve. We hire out machines too and this has proven a huge success and it is still quite new, we let you use one or more of our machines for as little or as long as you require and the cost of hire is very reasonable, this service is ideal if you just want to cater for small groups and the best thing of all is we supply the pig!

Where else can you get a fully prepared pig ready to hog roast at cost price. Every machine we have hired out since we first started we have been asked to supply the pig and the response from our customers has been amazing we supply a DVD which shows you how to operate and cook on the machines it couldn’t be easier you really don’t need to be a chef to hog roast anyone can, even people who have never cooked before find that they can hog roast and we are pleased that we are helping the people of Bethnal Green improve their culinary skills…

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