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Taste the CracklinMy job as a hog roast hire Bicester caterer has been great fun over the years as I like to try and bring a little bit of the USA over to the UK. I travelled to the southern states many years ago with my now wife. We both visited Kentucky and it was here I decided that I was tired of being a chef and wanted to try something which I really enjoyed.

Whilst we were there, we came across a restaurant called ‘the Barbecue Kitchen’ this was the place that I had my first pulled pork served to me in a typical cowboy style tray with plenty of genuine cornbread with a cheeky side of macaroni cheese. I looked into the hog roasting method as soon as we returned home and decided that this would be the ideal job for me!

Once I began working as a hog roast Bicester caterer; I was surprised by the amount of orders that would come in on a weekly basis, people would ask me to do their weddings, garden parties, corporate events and even, a funeral! The funeral was for a chap who loved hog roast Bicester so much that he wanted the guests at his last event to go wild, get drunk and enjoy his favourite food.

I have used my experience of American cuisine over here in the UK, for instance I recently worked a hog roast in Bicester this was a great event as it was a wedding of a young couple that had recently become man and wife. Their theme was completely USA-based as the bride was from Kentucky!

I decided to go for the whole hog (if you pardon the pun!) I roasted the hog for around 14 hours over apple wood which gives the pork a beautiful texture as well as an awesome taste. The hogs I prepared from my local butcher were three, relatively small hogs which got my standard treatment of a little olive oil and meat-rub which; is mainly for presentation purposes as the give the hog a great aesthetic when they finally come of the barbecue grill.

Once the hogs were roasted fully and the guests had arrived and were suitably refreshed by the flowing beers and wines that were situated in large buckets of ice all around the garden, I set to work on carving the hog by taking the skin off and preparing a pulled-pork sandwich with some of my famous home-made barbecue sauce.

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The hog roast Bicester incorporated some of my favourite southern sides; I like to provide coleslaw, rolls, barbecue sauce, corn bread, potato salad and green beans. I either serve the hog roast in a roll or on a tray with baked, barbecue beans. This is a Deep South favourite both here and stateside.

My main passion in my work is the presentation of the most succulent pork sandwich you have genuinely ever tried! I like to add the stereotypical, Washington red apple into the mouth of the pig at the end of roasting; this gives a great look to the finished product. Once I have finished the roast, the pig looks ever so inviting. I like to chequerboard the skin with my hickory knife that I had made especially for my job.

These techniques were all used at the hog roast I did in Bicester, the guests were all desperate for second helpings after they had finished their first ones! I have done many jobs in my life, from cleaning fridges out in supermarkets to selling double glazed windows but none of these jobs has ever given me so much ‘job satisfaction’ as working as a hog roast chef, I think it’s because I get to put my own influence into the hog and make it American themed each time I work.

There are many hog roast hire Bicester caterers working out there in the present day, but there are not many of them working the American-theme or if they are; they aren’t using the same techniques that I do, because once you’ve tried one of my hog roasts, you won’t ever go back to eating pork the same way ever again, I can guarantee you that!

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