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Taste the CracklinIf you’re looking for hog roast Blackburn, we’re your team. We always have the highest of standards, which obviously brings us a lot of clients (and returning clients) but it can be quite busy too. It’s a lot of hard work. Blackburn is a former mill town between the Ribble Valley and the West Pennine Moors.

The River Blakewater flows through the town to the town centre, then runs underground under Ainsworth Street and between Blackburn Cathedral and Blackburn Bus Station. On the western side of the town centre the Blakewater continues under Whalley Banks and through the Redlam area before joining the River Darwen.

There’s a large mall (The Mall Blackburn) and the Blackburn market, so the town really is a shopper’s paradise. There’s a lot of diversity in Blackburn, especially in Whalley Banks, and our hog roasts are seen as something of a novelty in these communities; a bit like how we like to go for Chinese takeaways or Indian food, I guess.

I was talking to a client whose parents are from Asia today, and he said that over there they have hog roasts too, all glazed red, and they have crackling, too. We were talking while more of the guests arrived for the birthday party we were catering. When we do catering here at hog roast Blackburn, we include balloons, serviettes, bread rolls – everything really. As the guests arrived I was busy pouring them drinks, and after a while it was time to carve and serve the roast, which is my favourite part of catering, because all the preparation and hard work comes to fruition.

You get to see how everyone is enjoying the great taste and the service; you get to be a part of a great night out, or feel like you created a great night. I’ve been catering a long time, so our team have helped make great weddings, birthdays, corporate events and all sorts of parties. I’ve catered family celebrations of a baby being born or on its way; and likewise I’ve catered for retirement parties. You get all sorts in Blackburn; it’s a big town.

Our Hog Roast Blackburn Wells Go Above And Beyond

We also provide hog roast hire Blackburn for those who’ve got a more hands-on style of doing things. We hire out hog roast machines and clients provide their own roasts and catering. It’s a fun alternative to a barbeque, and I’ve had clients hire our machines for garden parties, house parties, or celebrating with friends and family in a pub function room. Small businesses sometimes hire our machines too, if they want to put on seasonal or special events. We have a couple of pubs wanting a machine for Hogmanay. It’s a busy time of year for us.

Today, as well as catering the birthday party, we also hired a machine out to a couple who had booked a room in a community centre to celebrate their engagement. We’d loaded up the van and driven over, then wheeled the machine in. I checked the machine was working (which we always do here at hog roast Blackburn) and showed the couple how to operate it. They thought the machine was quite interesting.

They already had their hog roast ready, so I helped them put it in the machine. It started turning. I wished them a great party and we left to deliver another machine to a group of friends at a residence.

After showing them how to work the machine and setting it in the kitchen, I got chatting to them. Turned out that the one who’d come up with the idea of a party was glad Christmas was over and it was a kind of “I’m glad Christmas is over” party! What a lass! That was definitely a first for me. She was so friendly that soon we were all laughing.

Their motivation was obviously more ‘tongue in cheek’ than actual bitterness. The girls gave us a beer each and we cracked them open and toasted the New Year.

Then it was back to our place to go over the books while the chefs prepared another hog roast. We have a lot of Hogmanay and New Year’s orders, so everything must be double-checked. I was making sure we have enough supplies. We go through a lot of serviettes and balloons.

It is certainly a fun and eventful job, hog roast catering. It’s a fulfilling one, though – to make people happy, create nice memories and good nights. I think it’s the best.

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