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Taste the CracklinThere’s a lot more to Brentwood than the TV programmes and the press stereotypes might have you believe. Yes Brentwood is a small town but it’s a thriving place of seventy thousand plus people and with a rich history that would be the envy of many other UK towns and cities.

Brentwood is home to some big companies, so they obviously have no problem at all with this corner and it is home to many a TV celebrity and sportsperson. Brentwood (or Burnt wood – as it used to be called centuries ago) is not without its fans.

It is also not without good taste, too. Why? Well Brentwood is one of the many towns and cities in the United Kingdom to have fallen for the charms of a rather ancient dish that is starting to make a big name for itself in the world of catering.

It’s a dish that has been around since medieval times but it seems that the ancient flavours have found a whole new audience in twenty first century Britain, and that is really good news if you happen to be a hog roast hire Brentwood chef.

Who would have thought that such an old and traditional feast such as the hog roast would prove so popular in the modern day catering era? It is certainly a surprise but what is not a surprise is that a new generation have fallen in love with the incredible all round brilliance of hog roast.

Everything about this feast was made for the special occasion and it is maybe a shock that it has had to wait so long to welcome the hog roast Brentwood comeback. It is certainly very welcome.

Hog Roast Catering In Brentwood

We have probably all been to special events that were fantastic events but were let down severely by really poor food. That is a really big shame because of all the things that should be right at such occasions, it is the food.

Get that wrong and you really do end up letting everyone down big time….but there is no need for this to be the case now that you can bring in a hog roast hire Brentwood caterer to sort things out. Making your event a hog roast event really will make a huge difference, not just to the success of the event but to the amount of things which you, the organiser, have to worry about. The caterer will certainly take away a lot of the worry, leaving you with a great night ahead.

A hog roast Brentwood event is going to be a festival of flavour for all your guests, and it is no surprise that hog roast tastes so amazing because the chef really does put in the work to ensure that it is packed with taste. You may think that hog roast is simple – and in effect the principles of cooking it are – but there is more to it than that.

Cooking a hog roast takes a fair while before it is cooked to absolute perfection and that can mean the chef is hard at it for six hours (if it is a standard sized pig). Six hours is a long time but the results for your Brentwood guests will be incredible, allowing them to savour the flavour of some of the best spitting pig available. After six hours, all the incredible and rich flavours from the bones will have been absorbed by the meat, and that results in a quite stunning tasting meat that everyone will adore.

Hog roast may not sound like the ideal catering solution for a wedding breakfast but more and more couples are deciding that it really is the one that they want. Hog roast really is proving very popular in this respect and gives the couples a chance to do something a little different rather than go with the traditional and maybe a little boring options.

It certainly looks fantastic as you enter the dining area as you will see the whole pig being slowly roasted away by the chef and the aromas will be quite wonderful. Better still, the chef will do a totally professional carving job on the meat so that the food is served as gourmet hog roast dinners. A superb, formal and stylish way to enjoy a great tasting meat that would otherwise be overlooked.

Brentwood party, wedding or just a general event, hog roast will certainly help make it a night to remember!

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