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Taste the CracklinHog roast Brockenhurst is the number one choice alternative to standard catering offered today by the usual firms in this field. We give you a choice from the usual types of catering with your very own state of the art hog roast machine.

Hog roast Brockenhurst can give you a break from the norm, and make you the talk of the party with this tried and tested method of slow cookery. Hog roast Brockenhurst is situated just east of England on the border in the county of Monmouth and dates back to the 1300’s at least so why haven’t you tried this age old art of slow roasting produce for yourself?

Hog roasting is a great way to go for whatever event you have in mind whether that be a family birthday or important wedding we can eliminate any worries or stress with our state of the art cooking and slow roasting equipment.

We can cater for any event sizing large pr small with one hog easily feeding up to 100 guests with little worry for seating and waiters it really is the best way to go for a change from the norm and a way to cut costs if the budget isn’t massive, we can even cater for small events such as BBQ’s at home or a work function where catering has been an issue before now.

We are not just saying this to get your business once you have tried it for yourself we guarantee you will be back again and again for our first class service that is second to none. Our hog roast machines are so versatile we can basically operate in any venue size from the small garden to the larger function size event.

Our cookers are basically self sustaining so we can also operate indoors without a problem, so the troublesome British weather we have all come to grow and love will not be an issue with our quality hog roast machines, another great reason to try our hog roast service again eliminating more worry and hassle making sure whatever the occasion runs smoothly with great tasting food to boot.

Not only can you get these great services offered here but if you are an adventurous person, love cooking and want to try things for yourself you can go your own way with a hog roast banquet and hire one of our superb hog roasters to try at your own convenience.

Hog Roast Brockenhurst – Leaders In Our Field

Hog roast hire Brockenhurst prides itself on offering you this chance and you can be the host with the most at your own event with your very own specialised hog roaster for the day or night depending on when the event is planned for, not only does hog roast hire Brockenhurst provide you with your very own hog roaster and put it where you want but we also supply the produce or alternatively you can supply the produce yourself that is entirely up to you.

We can also supply you with the know how and skills to make sure your hog roast goes by without a hitch and entertains your guests with rich, vibrant but above all delicious food sure to go down a treat.

The Produce we use is of the finest quality and is sourced locally ensuring the produce of your choice arrives fresh and juicy making sure you only receive the best produce around. Pig roast Brockenhurst has access to some of the best produce going with all the best local farmers supplying us with their finest on offer.

Its also very healthy with little or no extras being added to the meats itself, all we add is the seasoning of your choice and let our slow cookers do the work for you whilst you soak up the atmosphere of your special occasion, you and your guests really wont be able to wait for the most succulent and juicy pulled pork you have ever tasted.

We can also provide you with a pork alternative with Beef also a way to go if that’s what is your favourite type of produce, there are so many beautiful cuts of Beef to be tried on our slow cookers from Rump to Fillet it really does benefit from the time and care of a long time cooking giving the cut a smoky, tender taste to the mouth and senses alike.

We can also offer whit meats to you with Turkey and Chicken working just as well on a slow roaster these choices also work well for the smaller function where guests are few or for smaller family events, we offer you the best around.

Our staff are happy to help you with any questions or queries you might have about how we hog roast, please don’t be shy and come forward as our staff are highly trained and professionals in this field of slow roast cooking, please ask about our produce and methods we want to ensure your hog roast either if you are doing it yourself or we are providing the services for you that it is one to remember and not forget.

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