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Cambridgeshire is twinned with the glorious German area of Kreis Viersen. However, there is not a huge amount or Germanic influence in the beautiful county of Cambridgeshire.

Instead, Cambridgeshire holds the sites of the oldest neolithic settlements of humans – a great and marvellous direct link to our ancestors. Like us in today’s eclectic food climate, back then these early people would have been roasted their whole eats on spits also – what a marvellous thought.

In many other aspects of our lives, methods and approaches have changed with the times for the better; however hog and pit roasting remains the best and finest way to roast and prepare meat – it is yet to be bettered. Grendon has enjoyed great success in the region, along with Hog Roast Cambridge.

By utilising local ingredients from the lovely and expansive farms which fill the famous flat-lands of Cambridgeshire, we can keep our costs very low whilst also supplying our clients with exceptional and stunning cuisine. In areas such as Yaxley, our clients can enjoy our lovely and gracious hog roasts – set against the backdrop of a glorious landscape.
Cambridgeshire is also home to one of the most old and finest seats of academic learning in the whole world.

The University of Cambridge has a history of generating some of the finest minds into productive action. With famous scholars forming the rosters which are lovingly displayed in and about the meticulously kept colleges – it is of little surprise that many a hog roast is consumed there.

Having people from all over the world, the colleges of Cambridge often encompassing nature of spit roasted food. Just as in Tattenhall, there is never a shortage of those requiring hog roasting greatness – and we are only too happy to help

Are you looking for a hog roast in Yaxley,  or maybe a hog roast in Cambridge? Look no further. We pride ourselves on providing the very best to be found anywhere.

A hog roast is quite probably the very best form of outdoor catering available, succulent roast meat served with our delicious range of sauces on great breads, or with the range of sides with we have to offer will silence even the harshest critics as they tuck in to the wonderful traditional roast.

Furthermore a hog roast provides a fantastic visual display to any event, adding a lovely rustic touch to your party. It’s perfect for any event too. Be it a family gathering, a charity event or a wedding a hog roast is ideal.

Hog Roast Cambridge – Leaders In Our Field

Our full hog roast service can cater for between one hundred and three thousand hungry revellers, all prepared to the highest standard by our experienced and professional teams you can be sure that the catering at your event will be one of the highlights, and all you have to do is relax while our friendly staff do all the preparation and service for you.

Alternatively we offer a full do-it-yourself Cambridge hog roast hire service, for which we’ll provide you with all the equipment, instruction and supplies you’ll need to prepare your very own sumptuous roast you’ll be surprised by just how easy it proves to be.

The DIY pig roast is ever popular for fund raising events, where you can enjoy serving tasty hog sandwiches while raising money for charity, or perhaps for a personal cause. We don’t only offer the traditional hog roast either, if you would prefer to choose another option from of range of meats we’ll be more than happy to supply free range hog, lamb, beef, or speciality game including wild boar and venison.

Or if you wish to supply your own meats we’d be more than happy for you to do so and they’ll be cooked to perfection on our equipment. Our delectable roasts are prepared to the very highest standard so you’ll know you’re getting top notch catering, we conform to the strictest health and safety regulations in the business as is demonstrated by our food hygiene certificates, our food handling certificates, public liability insurance and our C.E. Approval certificates.

Our commitment to great tasting food and service with a smile, coupled with our years of experience in outdoor catering leaves us confident to promise you that the catering at your event will be professionally managed and provide an ample supply of brilliant food for your guests or customers.

We are an experienced catering company based in Cambridge and can provide outdoor catering for any event, all provided by our professional and friendly staff using our excellent equipment and stock from refrigerated vans which are equipped with the latest in satellite navigation technology so everything goes off without a hitch on your big day. Book today.

Our clients come to us with their own specific requirements and reasons, but one prevailing driving force from almost all of them is a previous experience of hog roasted meats and a genuine craving for more.

You see a good hog roast will knock your guest’s socks off and guarantee satisfaction all round, something most of our clients and future clients already know – but for those of you that don’t, allow me to bring to light some of the pros to be had with hog roasting generally, and our own services more specifically, hog roasting tastes fantastic, this can’t be stressed enough.

If not for the fact shouting at you would be quite rude, this entire paragraph would be in all caps. The moisture-packed juicy meats, with an outside layer of fresh and crunchy crackling that is the result of several hours over a slow roast can only be discovered with spit roasting. Nothing else comes close to giving you the same results.

Convenience and effectiveness is another benefit to be had from hog roasting. Cooking with our machines couldn’t be any easier, think of them like a versatile, vastly superior slow cooker.

In that once the machine is loaded up, your job (or ours, if you choose our catering) is done, pretty much. The machines cook the meats for you and require little in the way of concern or involvement on your behalf. The only job you’ll have is waiting… which isn’t much of a job when you think about it. Hog roast machines put you in a position to enjoy your own party with your guests, rather than watching from the sidelines.

It may be one of the top seats of education in the world, let alone Britain, but you don’t have to a Cambridge lecturer to understand that when people attend a special function and have been promised great tasting food, that does not equate to a plate of sandwiches and some cold chicken legs.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, the curse of the UK’s special event catering food is something that has plagued events that not just the 120,000 plus people of Cambridge have attended but people from towns, villages and cities across the UK.

It remains a sad fact that some people seem to think that if you are holding a special event and are putting on food, you can get away with the minimum amount of taste and effort as possible. At least that seemed to be what was happening until an old friend decided to make a welcome reappearance.

Hog roast has, in all fairness, never been away but only in the last ten or fifteen years has it really started to make a major impact on the catering world, but what an impact. Where once guests were treated to the vacuous delights of pizza and potato salad, they can now tuck into a meal that has required real effort and quality ingredients to make it such a truly tasty feast.

Is it any wonder that the hog roast Cambridge event is now proving to be so popular in these parts?

You hardly need to be a Cambridge educated genius to see why it is such a great choice. After all, one whole pig of a standard size is more than capable of serving over 100 people at an event and with only good quality local pigs being used at each hog roast, you know that you are going to tasting real meat and not some poor mass produced imitation.

And of course, you are going to benefit from the quite incredible flavour that you only get with slow roasted meat.

It’s even great value when you take into account the quality and volume of food involved. Hog roast is definitely top of the class when it comes to event catering.

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