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Taste the CracklinThe UK is home to many towns that are steeped in rich history and incredible architecture but there can few places that can offer quite as much as the cathedral city of Canterbury. So great is the historical importance of Canterbury that UNESCO named parts of the city a World Heritage Site.

I wonder if a culinary slice of history will ever find it attracts quite the same status. Hog roast Canterbury may seem like an unlikely pairing but the two may have a lot more in common than you think.

The hog roast Canterbury connection could lay in some of that rich Kentish history. You see, hog roast is a medieval dish and there are almost certainly a number of fine old historic buildings in Canterbury that would have played host to many a wonderful hog roast feast all those years ago.

So why not extend the hog roast Canterbury history to your own event? After all, hog roast can offer you and your diners something unusual, unexpected and a little bit special. Hog roast can really add something a little bit special to any function and make a wonderful alternative to some of the more traditional event catering options.

Expert Outdoor Hog Roast Catering Solutions In Canterbury

If you need a little convincing about the benefits of hog roast at your event, ask people about the great taste of hog roast. You are sure to know two or three friends who have samples hog roast at events elsewhere in Canterbury and it is almost certain that you will get fantastic reports back. Don’t be surprised to hear words such as ‘juicy’, ‘succulent’, ‘tender’ and ‘melt in the mouth’ used because that is typical. Hog roast really is a quite delicious meat for any Canterbury event.

What makes it so tasty? Well, it could that the Canterbury hog roast chef takes great pride in taking six long hours to cook the whole pig on the hog roast machine. Or it could be that each pig is from a quality source, ensuring that you are eating only the very best pork. As for the hog roast machine, that is a fine piece of equipment that guarantees an even and beautifully cooked pig for each and every one of your Canterbury guests.

Hog roast is a great choice for a more formal function, such as a Canterbury wedding or a corporate event. Hog roast will really impress business associates who may be pleasantly surprised to see something different to beef, lamb or chicken on the menu.

If you want to get noticed and make a statement then hog roast will certainly help you achieve that goal. Hog roast can be carved like a fine pork joint and presented in the most professional manner alongside potatoes, stuffing, apple sauce and of course, deliciously crispy crackling!

If you are planning an event, whether an informal family occasion or a more formal event, why not let the history of Canterbury inspire you to choose a catering solution of equally historic importance? If you do, then hog roast really could be the perfect culinary toast for your event.

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