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Taste the CracklinWe are hog roast caterers, based in Carnforth. It’s a small town so it’s a nice place to live, quiet and surrounded by beautiful scenery – the coast, and the rising hills. It’s a popular spot for walkers and cyclists; we get the odd tourist too, in the summer months. There’s a canal that runs through the town and visitors tend to think it’s pretty. I don’t really notice it much though. The M6 is close by, so that’s handy.

Although it’s a small place, we get a lot of clients; we’ve catered everything from birthday parties to corporate events . At hog roast Carnforth we provide the decorations, balloons, serviettes and everything else, and our hog roasts come with crackling and apple sauce.

For those of with a more hands-on approach, we provide hog roast hire Carnforth, where you can hire a hog roast machine from us and do it yourself. As one of our clients said yesterday, “it’s kind of like a barbecue, but with style”!

Whether you’re looking for hog roast Carnforth or hog roast hire Carnforth, we’re an experienced team who are dedicated to delivering the highest of standards.
It’s a fun industry, the catering industry; and when you do hog roasts you really get to meet lots of very different people.

Just yesterday we were delivering a hog roast machine to a pub, where a group of friends had hired out a function room for a party. I asked them if it was a Birthday party. “Well, sort of, I guess,” she replied, “But it really doesn’t matter. A party’s a party – any excuse to get drunk!” We all laughed and then her boyfriend added, “But if we can use the Birthday as an excuse, all the better!” (He was the one who came out with the ‘barbecue in style’ line I quoted earlier). We wheeled the machine into the room and checked it was working, which we always do at hog roast hire Carnforth.

The Best Hog Roasts In Carnforth

Our machines always work, but it does pay to check; you never know. Then we turned it on and helped the clients put their roast in the machine. They said they’d never had a hog roast before. I told them it would be delicious, and suggested they try apple sauce to really bring out the flavour.

One of our team went out and took some apple sauce out of the van for them. After that, we were off to the other side of Carnforth to cater for a wedding reception at a hotel.

I love weddings, and I love catering. So this is always a win for me. Weddings just give you a good, happy feeling inside. I often feel a bit honoured, in some way, to get to create a magical night for a couple and to be a part of it.

We’d come back to our premises first to load up the van with all the decorations, champagne, and of course the hog roast. When we got to the venue, we put up balloons and set everything in order. The guests began to arrive and I was busy pouring drinks. It was a great night.

My favourite part is carving and serving the roast. It makes a good show because the roasts are quite big, and when you cut, the juice seeps out and there’s a crackling noise. As you push the knife in, the aroma of the meat mixed with apple sauce and spices wafts towards you, and as the knife bites deep it’s like the whole room is filled with the scent of the roast.

After it was over and we’d cleared up and left the room neat and tidy, we drove away feeling happy. There’s nothing like a wedding to lift your mood. Here at hog roast Carnforth we’ve catered many weddings and even a couple of engagement parties where we were then asked to cater the wedding. During the Christmas period we were delivering hog roast machines for office parties, and catering two office parties where they’d booked a venue and made it all nice.

Then we came back here, where we have our kitchen and office. I caught up on some administration Down in the kitchen, the chefs were still at work preparing the hog roasts, bringing out their flavour with sauces and spices. We’re always busy at hog roast Carnforth, and the way things are going, we might have to hire another chef. It is definitely hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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