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Taste the CracklinWhat do you look for when you planning a special occasion? You know, the sort where you really are expecting a big turn out of family, friends old and new as well as other important and loved guests and relations?

Are you looking to serve up the simplest more boring food possible or are you hoping that when people look back on your event, they look back with fond memories at how great the food was? It has to be the latter and that is why you have simply have to make your special event a hog roast Carterton special event.

Not that Carterton has exclusivity when it comes to having super special events. If you live in this Oxfordshire town of nearly 12,000 people then you will understand that Carterton is just another location in this county but one that deserves nothing less than the very best when it comes to great food at special events and those functions that we all need to organise every now and again. And let’s face it, there are many different sorts of events that are getting organised all the time. It makes you realise that 365 days is not long enough for a year!

The big birthday bash is always a popular event. Of course, you can celebrate any birthday that you want, but the people of the UK tend to make a bit of a song and dance about particular birthdays, namely 18th, 40th and 60th and these birthdays really do call for something equally special in the line of catering to help make them extra memorable.

That’s why booking a hog roast in Carterton birthday event could help make it the celebration that you really want the birthday to be. There is something a little theatrical when it comes to a hog roast. You can tell straight away that you are in for a treat as you see the hog roast caterer carefully tending to the impressive looking whole pig on their hog roast machine.

It really is something special to look at for all the guests and it certainly makes for a much better spectacle than the usual plates of barmcakes and cold meats that are so frequently served up at events like this. We like to think that a hog roast represents really superb quality birthday catering at its best. Whoever’s birthday it is, they are going to be delighted with the results.

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Of course lots of other sorts events take place in this Oxfordshire town and there is nothing quite like a wedding anniversary to really make a great excuse for a party.

A 40th wedding anniversary is something to shout about so why not ditch the disastrous usual catering suspects in favour of something far tastier and extravagant. Hog roast is by far the best tasting and best looking catering solution for a really brilliant anniversary event and it gives you a chance to enjoy the great flavours of one of the best roasted meats that there is. Hog roast is one of those foods that is really popular with all ages, so the little guests can enjoy it as much as the grandparents and great grandparents!

Now most people may think of a hog roast in Carterton as something of an informal, happy go lucky event and indeed, hog roast is most often enjoyed as a hog roast roll or ‘pig in a bun’ meal, but it does not have to be that way, in fact gourmet hog roast has been making something of a name for itself over the last few years as more and more people enjoy this very formal version of roasted pig. But what exactly is a gourmet hog roast and what makes it so special? Well, gourmet hog roast gives you the chance to enjoy the same incredible flavour of hog roast but in a far more formal manner.

Rather than enjoying hog roast meat on a barm or roll, the meat is very professionally carved and served with vegetables and potatoes for a quite superb formal dinner, making it the ideal alternative to a beef or turkey dinner. Gourmet hog roast Caterton meals have been getting more and more popular at events all over the UK with many weddings and corporate events choosing this as a great tasting new solution.

So if you are in the process of arranging a Carterton event and feel like you want a change, why not book a hog roast caterer and sample great food for yourself?

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