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Taste the CracklinWhat do think of when you think of Chelsea? For many, the name will always be synonymous with Chelsea Pensioners in their bright red tunics. Maybe the Chelsea flower show, which is known to millions of green fingered people around the globe. Or maybe it is the football club who finally conquered Europe in 2012 but who also seem to have a limited patience when it comes to the managers!

Well, Chelsea is also a rather well to do area of the capital. So well to do in fact that the average property price here is about £1.3 million, rather more than the national average house price! So, you could say that the people who live here like the finer things in life, and judging by the growth in popularity hog roast hire Chelsea, it seems that the people know a good thing when they see it!

Hog roast Chelsea events are back on the calendar after a long, long absence. Centuries in fact. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration as hog roast will have taken place but not to the degree that they are doing now. The hog roast seems to have taken off in the last few years and it is now one of the trendiest event catering solutions both here and throughout the United Kingdom.

There’s no denying it, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, a corporate event, a wedding or a social fundraiser style event, there is always an excuse to organise a big event and enlist the help of a hog roast hire Chelsea based chef. A hog roast Chelsea function needs a little bit of thought and preparation before you dive in.

After all, are you wanting suitable for all ages? If so, hog roast appeals to absolutely all ages. The younger generation love the rustic, simple approach of hog roast (plus it looks exciting) whilst the older guests always like a traditional roasted meal, and this just could not get more traditional if you tried!

Perfect Pork In Chelsea

All this great tasting food doesn’t just cook itself, mind. The hog roast chef at your event will be spending a significant amount of time cooking the carefully selected pig for you. In fact, it can take around six hours for that pig to roast completely.

Yes, it is a long time but this is a very big feast. it’s a whole pig don’t forget and that’s one big unit of meat to contend with. As with any slow roasting, it is that crucial infusion of flavours that really makes the difference and a hog roast really does give you that amazing infusion of flavour.

All the incredible juices from the bones are soaked up by the meat and the result is a taste sensation that really does blow any other catering solution away. And I have not even mentioned crackling as yet. Well, suffice to say that this crackling is amongst the very best that you will ever taste.

One of the best ways to decide if a certain meal is suitable for your event is to see how flexible it is when it comes to the different types of occasion it could be served at. After all, you could arranging any sort of event from a Birthday to a very formal business event.

Luckily, in hog roast, you have one of the most versatile catering options around. Many people forget that just because hog roast looks so big and, well…pig like, it is does not mean that it can’t be tamed into something a little more sophisticated, and you simply cannot get more sophisticated than a gourmet hog roast dinner.

Now this is really something stunning, a beautifully carved selection of hog roast meat, carefully plated up with vegetables, potatoes, crackling and apple sauce to create a dinner to die for.

You would take one look at this plate of food and think that it must have been served in one of Chelsea’s many top restaurants, such is the panache and skill that went into serving it. But no, this is the hog roast chef at work. And if you do want to keep things informal, hog roast rolls are pretty much unbeatable at any easy going event!

There cannot be many catering solutions that are good enough to be enjoyed in this great part of the capital but a Chelsea hog roast seems to be one of them. If you are on the lookout for a quality solution to your event catering, the answer is a hog roast made in Chelsea!

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