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Taste the CracklinSome towns are best known for their sport and this town on the edge of the Cotswolds is no exception. Cheltenham takes its name from the River Chelt and is of course best known for horse racing, especially the Cheltenham Festival which takes place in March each year. But could Cheltenham be developing a new fascination with something else?

The hog roast Cheltenham Festival.
Okay, it’s not likely to become a an event on the scale of the proper Cheltenham Festival, but I am sure that a fair number of Cheltenham’s one hundred and fifteen thousand residents will be more than interested in a punt on this new yet traditional alternative to the usual catering options. Maybe the hog roast Cheltenham roar would be more appropriate?

Catering for a big event or a family function has always been a bit of a culinary minefield. You just never know how well things are going to turn out. It helps if you know the caterers of course but the options are usually so boring, you really wonder if it’s worth enduring the same old boring food.

It doesn’t have to be like this of course. You can ring in the changes at your event with a hog roast; a traditional yet new solution for party and event catering.

If you’ve never experienced hog roast Cheltenham catering before then you are in for a treat. Hog roast is hardly a new meal as it dates back to medieval times, and was a feast often enjoyed by lords and ladies or the area’s wealthier types.

Crowd Pleasing Hog Roast Catering In Cheltenham

For whatever reason, hog roast disappeared off the radar for many years but now hog roast is making a big comeback in Cheltenham and many other parts of the UK as the first choice for brilliant event catering.

So, what is the big appeal of hog roast? Well, there are a few things that really help hog roast stand out and the first is the actual versatility of hog roast.

Whether you are planning a back garden party for friends and relatives or a formal meal such as a wedding reception, hog roast can cater for both these Cheltenham occasions with aplomb. Hog roast can be the footloose and fancy free party solution by being served on rolls with sauces or it can the ultra formal sit down meal, beautifully carved and presented as if you were dining at a top restaurant. Either way, hog roast is the business.

Hog roast is also a visual feast as well as an edible one! You and your guests can look on in fascination as the hog roast chef slowly cooks the whole pig on the special hog roast machine. It’s a really wonderful sight and one that your Cheltenham guests will remember for a long time to come.

The aromas are incredible but nothing compares to the taste of the hog roast meat itself. Your guests will be talking about the flavours for many weeks to come, so whilst it may not be the Cheltenham festival, it could be a memorable Cheltenham Feast!

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