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Taste the CracklinChepstow is a lovely town in Monmouthshire, Wales and home to around fourteen thousand people. Of course, Chepstow is well known for its famous racecourse, but there’s a lot more to this Welsh town than its racecourse.

Chepstow is proud of its other sports as well as a rich history that goes back many hundreds of years. Look to the top of the cliff top and you will see one example of this history in the shape of Chepstow Castle, one of the oldest surviving stone castles in Britain.

Think of castles and it is difficult not to think of what may have been going on behind those walls all those years ago. The chances are that Chepstow Castle was hoist to a fair few hog roasts in its time and it is good to see that hog roast Chepstow times could be heading back to the town.

It is good to see hog roast making a return as there really could not be a more traditional meal. The hog roast Chepstow feasts in Chepstow Castle may well have been quite lavish affairs. Maybe this helped inspire the young J K Rowling to name Harry Potter’s school Hogwarts, after all, she grew up in a nearby village. You never know!

I don’t recall seeing Harry Potter tucking in to hog roast during his days at Hogwarts but hog roast Chepstow can certainly add a little bit of wizardry to any Chepstow event that requires great food. What better food to enjoy in the shadow of the castle than a hog roast Chepstow feast.

Everything about this medieval feast really is quite special, and the modern day Chepstow equivalent is just as impressive. Hog roast back in the day was a freshly hunted affair, but these days you don’t have to worry about that as the hog roast Chepstow chef will supply a top quality pig.

The Perfect Catering For Any Occasion in Chepstow

Something that the passing of time has not altered is the significant cooking time, with a typical hog roast taking anything up to six hours to cook.

That said, the way it’s cooked has moved with the times: the modern day hog roast now benefits from a remarkably smart and impressive hog roast machine, so your hog roast Chepstow event will be spared a rather dangerous open fire!

How do you like your hog roast? Your idea of medieval dining may be a wild and raucous affair but your Chepstow diners now have better options. Hog roast is delicious served on rolls with a selection of sauces or as a finely carved and beautifully presented meal, complete with potatoes and all the trimmings, ideal if your event is something a little more formal, such as a wedding or corporate event perhaps.

Of course, this would all mean very little if hog roast tasted just like any other meat but the wonderful flavours that hog roast delivers will have your Chepstow guests asking for seconds. Hog roast really can bring a little bit of Harry Potter inspired magic to your special Chepstow occasion.

Chepstow being a town full of breathtaking scenery and public footpaths to make use of the countryside makes the town a perfect place for a pig roast Chepstow. The produce in Chepstow is growing from strength to strength with a farmers market taking place in the town every two weeks this is a great opportunity to get great local produce.

Here at taste the cracklin we are extremely close with the local farmers so are able to get free range local produce when ever we have an event coming up which is why a hog roast Chepstow will put the icing on the cake at your event because we can make the most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables, so you know you will be getting the best of the best when it comes to food at your event!

Every year in Chepstow we manage to get the opportunity to cater at the local rugby club for a ‘battle of the bands’ event which seems to bring the whole of the community together to have a few drinks and a tasty hog roast with crispy crackling that has bubbled to perfection filling the air with meaty aromas.

Over the years we have produced some great menus and if a battle of the bands is not your cup of tea hog roast hire Chepstow has a wonderful 18th century town house museum that offers free admission (great to see the history of the town and the towns old traditions) where we have participated in some outdoor catering.

Salmon fishing (which we can also supply on our menus) and ship building are aspects that are great and the working life of Chepstow comes together in day to day life to show an essence of original scenes by it as imaginative settings.

The local community centre hire out there facilities many times in Summer, for events that like a good old traditional hog roast for their celebration whether it may be a birthday to a christening and we have event managed to cater corporate events, here at hog roast hire Chepstow we can cater just about anywhere you would like.

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