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Taste the CracklinHog roast Chigwell is the number one leading hog roast catering company of its kind in the area of Chigwell we offer you a very different style of food catering to change the backdrop of your special day and give you a break from the normal forms and styles of catering usually done by today’s catering services.

Hog roasting is a long-established type of cooking can be traced back through the ages and with this being a tried and tested method surely you must feel inclined to have a taste of our lovely meats yourself with your very own hog roast.

We here at hog roast Chigwell want to give you a bit of something different and a substitute for the standard meals offered today by most catering companies, they are generally all the same with very little or no imagination, with the usual cold pies and sandwiches, wouldn’t your very own honey roast pig slowly turning in the corner of your garden give you a more pleasing and intimate theme to your Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary party.

Our previous clientele will all tell you that a hog roast dinner is very unique indeed with one of our succulent pigs effortlessly feeding over 100 with usually some left over for those hungrier guests it really is a cost effective way to feed a big group of people in one helping without the extra bother of extra waiting staff increasing that already tight budget.

We strive to provide you with a great service to make sure your day is spent being enjoyed instead of the extra pressure and strain usually associated with events of this kind and nature.

With some great farming land and produce in and around Chigwell we will provide you with some of the best local produce to pick from, our roasting equipment is so adaptable we can roast many things not just standard pigs, with tender spring lamb being a choice as well we can provide top quality poultry for that white meat alternative, chickens and turkeys are a popular choice basted to perfection so you can enjoy some of the tastiest juiciest meats you have ever tried.

Hog roast hire is also a viable option with our hire out plan, hog roast hire Chigwell will provide the apparatus and the produce or you can provide the meats yourself and you yes you leisurely slow roast it to perfection with little fuss and effort just the way you want it.

The Best Hog Roasts In Chigwell

Hog roast hire Chigwell can and will make you the envy of your friends and family thanks to the aid of your very own hog roaster. It really does make that BBQ simple and stress free remember you cook it yourself so again it lowers the outgoing cost of whatever event you are doing.

Think about honey roast pork and how great it would taste, a treat for everyone, not only that but our roasting equipment is the most up to date and versatile around so we can function indoors or outdoors so if the weather does take a turn for the worse as it often does in this country it won’t ruin your chances of an amazing day with amazing grub to match. You stay in control and that makes it all the worthwhile.

All our Chefs have passed all the relevant food and hygiene courses’, making sure your day is hosted to the highest of standards. Our staff are easy to talk to, friendly and helpful so please feel free to ask questions concerning your choices of meats because every piece of meat has a story to tell.

We will also gladly answer any questions about hog roast hire to make sure your hog roast day runs smoothly and without a hitch, that’s if you decide to give it a go yourself and we are sure you will after you have tried hog roasting.

So come on try something very different and poles apart the usual, drab, boring catering that has been done many times over, we promise you will be back again and again once you have tried this trustworthy form of slow cooking.

We promise that our service is the best in the area second to none. You really will be able to brag to everyone about your party for months and months with a traditional hog roast banquet for your loved ones. Our meats are humanely slaughtered and of the utmost freshness making sure you get meats of the highest quality.

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