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Taste the CracklinLiving in Chippenham has had its advantage over the years as my son is a keen skateboarder and there are many parks and competitions for him to attend and take part in, he is getting very good at what I thought would be a toy that he would grow out of.

I work as a hog roast Chippenham chef in this part of the country and have done for many years now, I used to cater on a burger stand but I preferred to create slightly more high class meals as events here there and everywhere. After my son asked me if he could give my number to a promoter of a local skate park competition in Chippenham common where professionals would be doing demos of skateboards and all many of everything that is considered extreme.

I was asked to cater for hundreds of people that would fill the park throughout the day if the weather held off! When the weather is miserable I try my best not to let it get to me, especially when I have an event booked in such as a big wedding celebration.

The Finest Hog Roasts In Chippenham

There is nothing worse than having your wedding day on a rainy day which is why we always bring along a marquee with us to cover the whole of the serving area so you can grab your food and go back inside so you don’t get wet and everyone is still looking as glamorous as they were to begin with.

I agreed and waited until the final day to see if the sun would shine on all of the riders, as dawn rose, it looked spectacular! I geared up to get ready to arrive early enough.

With a day-long event like this, I needed to ensure that I had enough time to get the fresh hogs on to roast, also gave the boy chance to get there before all the other skaters and warm up. The hog roast in Chippenham went swimmingly I set up my equipment and watched as the crowds began to arrive.

The amount of people that were there early was quite impressive, I’m glad my son has found something that he enjoys as much as this because it gives him exercise and plenty of fresh air.

During the day, my hog roast hire Chippenham was constantly glazed with the honey glaze that I had prepared it with the previous day, this method not only looks absolutely fantastic when the hog is ready but also gives a wonderfully sweet aroma when the meat lands on the taste buds.

Because the contest was pretty fast and furious, I decided that I would need rolls and lots of them to satisfy all of the hungry competitors at the hog roast.

This would be where I could be cool with the youngsters as I always wanted to learn to skateboard but never had the guts to try and do any of the stunts that I saw on television! The riders would roll up to me and grab a sandwich off the stall so I ensured I was positioned away from any danger of collisions!

They were all very appreciative of my work and one even said my roast pork was ‘Radical’, I guess I’m too old to say that to anyone about anything these days! As the sun began to set, I took what meat I had left for me and the boy to have on the way home, after all, he may not have won the competition but it’s the taking part that counts…and getting a tasty sandwich!

I’ve worked in this region for a number of years and I aim to please, I ensure that all of my work is carried out with style and great practice. I take an awful lot of pride in what I do as a hog roast chef.

I make sure that the hog roast hire Chippenham pigs are freshly prepared in advance to keep professional at all times. My job doesn’t just stop at hogs; I make enough sides and extras to keep absolutely all of my clients full so everyone can have a satisfying meal.

I am currently in the process of bringing in different themed roasts, Italian, American, French, German and Polish. We have a lot of Polish residents down south and they love a good hog roast but have slightly different ways of marinating the meat as well as stuffing different parts. Hog roasts in Chippenham are always very well received.

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