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Taste the CracklinThey say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but an old dog can certainly teach us a few things. Maybe that should have been an old hog, because just like Colchester (which is believed to be the oldest town in Britain) hog roast is no youngster. Perhaps this is why the humble hog roast and Colchester partnership is such a good one.

The hog roast connection probably goes back to long evenings in Colchester Castle when hog roast was no doubt the main course for many an entertaining night. The roasted hog would have been a delicious and wholesome feast for all those attending and perhaps this has been the inspiration behind this delicacies new found popularity in twenty first century Britain.

A hog roast in medieval times, may not have been quite like its modern day equivalent but there are sufficient similarities. The cooking process would have been a long winded affair taking many hours, and the same goes for the modern cooking methods. You can expect a whole pig to take around six hours to cook.

A hog should have been capable of feeding a significant number of guests at Colchester Castle and you will be delighted to learn that the typical modern day version, can also feed a small army and can offer great value for money.

With around one hundred to one hundred and twenty people able to enjoy the great flavours of the slow roasted pork, we can cater for anything up to those numbers with one pig, although we can comfortably handle much larger numbers of people at any single event.

Now, you may be concerned that you need to provide a huge open fire to cook the whole pig over, but this is where twenty first century know how has stepped in.

The hog roast chef provides a fine looking cooking machine to take care of the whole process. It’s actually a rather impressive looking bit of equipment and one that always draws a bit of a crowd, especially from the children and the dads, who are thinking to themselves that the barbecue they occasionally wheel out of the shed on a sunny Sunday afternoon looks a little bit inferior in comparison.

It was a meal to impress the castle guests. After all, it would have been a rather pointless exercise to lay on such an intensive meal only for people to be under whelmed by the flavours.

Fortunately, they were, and are, still a fine tasting feast indeed. Diners back then would have found the slow roasted meat flavours to be something quite special, and modern day hog roast diners will feel no differently.

The Best Hog Roasts In Colchester

That long slow cooking helps to produce a splendid, delicious and succulent meat that you will find to beat anywhere else. When you taste it for the first time, you may well think ‘why is hog roast not served at more special events’?

With the increased popularity of hog roast, this may be a question that belongs in past, too. You see, an old hog is certainly teaching us a few new tricks!

The town is one of the fastest growing towns in Britain and receives around 4.5 million visitors every year. It also boasts one of the finest zoo in Europe with over 270 species of animal and over 60 acres of parkland and lakes too we believe this is well worth a visit.

It is also home to Colchester castle which was built by Normans in the 1070’s, they also hold the county prison which was first in use in 1226 which is part of the entry into Colchester castle museum with its iron barred windows still in place and it also has huge oak doors.

The prison was in use hundreds of years ago, during darker times when some poor souls were accused of using witchcraft. It now receives over 100,000 (happier) visitors a year.

Colchester is a great place to visit in the day time and also at night which is why an evening hog roast is a great thing to have at your event and would fit in with the theme of Colchester’s medieval history.

You’ll no doubt be grateful to know that with the countries lowest rate of rainfall. An outdoor event is likely to mean lots of glorious sunshine and little chance rain.

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