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Taste the CracklinDo you consider yourself a bit of a rebel? Like to do things a little differently?

Not afraid to go against the grain and look for alternatives to the norm? Well, you really must be from Cork, after all it is in ‘the rebel county’. Many in Cork believe that the city is the real capital of Ireland rather than that ‘other’ place on the east coast.

If Cork folk are indeed rebels then they probably love hog roast. The hog roast Cork rebellion sounds good, and with good reason. Hog roast Cork fans know all about great taste of hog roast already.

They know that a lovingly and slowly roasted hog roast delivers some of the best tasting pork in Ireland. It’s hardly a secret but it’s one that few have really pushed. But maybe this is about to change and the hog roast Cork rebellion will soon move into full swing.

Why? Because the people are probably a little fed up with the lack of variety when it comes to catering at functions and events.

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and its one hundred and nineteen thousand residents organise many functions throughout the year. So why should the people of Cork put up with the same old catering solutions?

It’s time to do things differently. This is why hog roast is making a big comeback as a big event food. It may be a medieval dish but hog roast is answering a modern catering problem in style.

The Perfect Catering Solution For Any Event in Cork

Hog roast is the perfect Cork event catering solution, and it is certainly making dreary bread rolls, cold chicken wings and salmon sandwiches look like a very poor effort indeed so why not caterer to not only impress but satisfy all your guests too with a hog roast Cork caterer.

Let’s make this clear. People love hog roast. Hog roast is in effect the tastiest pork there is. Remember that slow roasting? Well it helps create the ultimate in pork flavour and certainly like nothing else you have ever tasted in Cork before.

Hog roast Cork style is seriously hot stuff. Not cold, seriously hot stuff. If you want to make an impression at your party then serving up lousy food is one way to do it, but it won’t leave a very good impression.

Hog roast, on the other hand, is an up to date catering solution that really shows you care about the food you serve. Hog roast also looks brilliant because it is cooked there on the day by your very own hog roast chef.

To see your food being cooked may sound like a gimmick but this is how hog roast should be served freshly roasted. It really gives your Cork event a touch of class.

Hog roast really is a winner for any event. And don’t worry if you were hoping to have a more formal event such as a corporate evening or marquee style function; hog roast can be carved up quite beautifully and served with vegetables, crispy crackling and potatoes to produce a truly top notch plate of food fit for all your Cork VIPs.

Go on, be a rebel and choose hog roast as your Cork main event food and if you are wanting something more we are able to provide canapes deserts more than one meat option and also seasonal vegetables instead of salads.

With Cork being the popular destination having visitors travelling near and far for holidays and even relaxing weekend breaks the tourism is growing and growing and with one of the castles (Blarney castle) built over 1000 years ago it is one of the oldest castles ever built this makes Cork full of historic values.

One of the most popular traditions to date not only pig roasting Cork style but steeple chasing which is just as popular today as it was in 1752. With the town of Cork within the county of Cork this was one of the last stops of the titanic before departing on its traumatic journey.

Cork is a town full of scenic views of stunning countryside which is why it is such a popular destination for weddings, being hog roast Cork caterer we get to travel from place to place catering at some stunning places which is a great perk to the job as we also get to meet people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be a day to remember and with a hog roast, what could possibly go wrong?

we are professionally qualified caterers that have been working in Cork for years, with the experience and imagination to tailorise you menus to make your event the best it can be and because all of our chefs are professionally qualified we are able to make almost any dish at your event.

From pig to lamb to salmon to quiche so don’t hesitate to ask what we offer as we are here to make sure your event goes to plan and that you have no worries on the day.

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