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Taste the CracklinOne common gripe that you will often hear from people living in or around the capital is the not being able to easily visit the sandy beaches of the seaside without spending hours in the car.

It must one of the things that living in a city or similarly built up area miss most. Sadly, there are not many locations that can easily satisfy this need, but there is one that might provide some sandy respite from the traffic and office life of the inner city. Hop on a high speed train and, within an hour, you can be sitting on the beach at Folkestone.

Folkestone has a history of invasions but a tourist invasion is the sort which it would probably welcome with open arms as, like many other seaside towns, Folkestone has suffered because of the rise in cheap holidays and excursions abroad from the seventies onwards. Maybe the high speed link with the capital will see Folkestone’s fortunes change somewhat.

But what about the forty thousand or so people who call Folkestone their home? Are there any other invasions that should be wary about or welcoming of? What about the hog roast Folkestone invasion? What will this mean for the people of this town in the Garden of England?

Well, the hog roast Folkestone invasion is hardly an ‘invasion’ but more of a slow burning process which is affecting the nation as a whole. It is also very much welcomed by everyone around.

You see, the people of Folkestone are after that little bit something extra when it comes to choosing special occasion meals and catering, with intense flavours, freshly prepared food and quality ingredients the order of the day. Better add to that great value, too.

It may seem like an impossible ask to have all this when looking for a catering solution but hog roast has it all – and has been delivering just that for some time now. No more lame excuses for event food, no more sad sausage rolls or anonymously created meals that lack any passion or creativity; hog roast hire Folkestone events are proving to be a big hit and look set to become increasingly popular in the future.

A Hog Roast In Folkestone Is A Feast For The Eyes And Palate

When you book a hog roast hire Folkestone event, you are going to have absolutely no worries about quality, because quality is a word that applies to every aspect of hog roast. It starts at the very beginning of the hog roast journey, with the chef choosing a top quality pig.

This pig has to be a great pig from a reputable supplier in order to meet the exacting and strict standards of the hog roast chef. Without a great pig you will not get the optimum quality hog roast.

The meat, important though it is, is just one piece in the hog roast jigsaw. There are many more pieces that need to fit into place. One of these is the hog roast machine, which is a modern looking take on the traditional spit.

It is this machine that will cooking home to the whole pig and where it will be slowly roasted away for the up to six long hours. Six hours may seem excessive but there are good reasons for this. A whole pig is a big joint of meat after all so it is always going to take as lot longer to cook than a traditional meat.

But you also need to allow for the slow roasting process. This enables the all important juices in the pig to slowly permeate the meat, creating those incredible hog roast flavours.

The wait for the food to be ready may be a difficult, especially with you having to fight the temptation of the incredible hog roast aromas, but it will all be worth it. But will you have enough to satisfy all your Folkestone guests? The answer will almost certainly be yes because hog roast is a most accommodating beast, able to provide enough pork meat for over one hundred people.

How are you going to ask the hog roast chef to serve your hog roast? If your event is a wedding reception then you may want to turn on the style somewhat and ask that the meat be served in a formal manner. But if your event is not so formal then hog roast rolls are sure to prove popular with the Folkestone folk.

Invasions may sound scary, but when they taste this good, who cares. Prepare for battle by booking a Folkestone hog roast soon!

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