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Taste the CracklinForget all the talk of dark, industrial northern Britain. There are some really quite splendid places to live and work in this part of the world. Despite what the doom merchants may tell you, it is most definitely not grim up north. Harrogate is a perfect example of why life in these parts is very pleasant indeed.

Now, everyone knows Harrogate as key centre for conferences and conventions. The great facilities it has here are difficult to beat and, together with its good location, it makes it a perfect place to host that special business conference.

And of course, it is not shy of places to stay, making it a good location for hosting a more personal style get together. In short, Harrogate has it all, together with some of loveliest architecture in Yorkshire. It really is a quite special spa town and it is no wonder that over seventy thousand people have chosen to call this place their home.

It is perhaps no surprise that a town with the convention and conference heritage of Harrogate has taken quite a shining to a rather old yet traditional feast that many had feared consigned to culinary history.

The feast in question is that Medieval delight, the hog roast, and the hog roast hire Harrogate caterer is making sure that a whole new generation of event and function organisers know all too well that in hog roast they have a really stunning catering.

Now, you may think that a hog roast Harrogate event sounds a little odd, especially considering that hog roast is a centuries old feast, but there is a lot to be said for choosing this beast of a Medieval feast.

Just ask any of the top TV chefs about the benefits of traditional cooking and they will probably give you a knowing nod of approval. You see, hog roast’s traditional style is actually what makes it so current and fashionable.

Hog Roast Harrogate Is A Leader In Food

For a few years now there has been a steady increase in the number of people interested in getting their catering back to basics. Now back to basics does not mean boring, far from it. It means getting back to real flavour, real quality and awesome presentation of your food. These are all things that a hog roast hire Harrogate caterer can give you by the bucketload.

Choose to make your event a hog roast Harrogate event and you will never want to return to the boring and tasteless days of pizzas, pork pies and mini chicken kievs ever again. People want and expect more when they go to a special event these days and you can certainly do your bit to exceed their expectations by choosing a Harrogate hog roast.

Indeed, hog roast is one of the most versatile options that you could possibly choose, whether for a formal occasion such as corporate entertainment or for something a little less formal, such as a good old birthday bash, new year celebration or a Christening.

Hog roast’s formal credentials may come as a surprise but you will be delighted with what the chef can produce. Hog roast may conjure up pictures to many of a rough and ready food that Henry VIII would be fighting over but our gourmet hog roast options are very different. Hog roast can be a most sophisticated meal.

A little careful carving from the chef can produce some exquisite slices of meat that would grace the finest dinner plate. Together with an obligatory portion of crackling, apple sauce, potatoes and vegetables, you have a truly majestic Harrogate hog roast meal that any chef would be proud of.

As for those more party like atmospheres where fun and excitement is most definitely the order of the day, hog roast rolls (or ‘pig in a bun’ as we like to call them) will provide your guests with the best tasting and most moreish of party catering solutions ever invented.

Whether you choose rolls or a gourmet option, one thing you will not miss out on is top quality meat, because each Harrogate hog roast only ever uses great quality locally supplied meat, carefully selected from a good supplier.

You see, great event food really can have a great pedigree. And with a typical sized whole pig feeding an average of one hundred plus people, there really is no excuse for not inviting as many people as possible. Make your Harrogate event a truly special one by getting a Harrogate hog roast chef booked as soon as you possibly can.

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