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Taste the CracklinI’m on the catering team in hog roast hire Hawkshead, the gateway to the Fens. We’re lucky to be able to make a real spectacle of cooking some of the finest local meat in some of the nation’s most stunning locations.

We’re enjoying a welcome bit of respite from the rain at the moment, and the van is loaded up for a 40th birthday booking on the outskirts of town. Fingers crossed it stays sunny, but I’ve got the marquee with me in the back should conditions take a turn for the worse.

Hog roast Hawkshead catering service provides for any occasion, right throughout the year. We also have a hog roast machine hire service for customers to utilise our cutting-edge roasting machines; they’re perfect for barbecues and Christmas parties, and made to the highest standards of health, safety and technology.

Right now, we’re taking a good number of enquiries from pubs who want to celebrate with a bit of style and put on something that eclipses standard buffet fare.

With succulent roasted pork turning and crackling before their eyes, along with fluffy bread rolls, piquant apple sauce, stuffing and a number of high-quality side dishes, they’re more likely to stay for the duration of the revelry than if they’re offered a couple of floppy sandwiches and some peanuts.

We never pre-cook any of the animals. We want you to be able to absorb the sensory experience of the full cycle; from the fresh animal being mounted onto the machine right through to carving and serving roast pork which has been cooked to maximise those incredible flavours, and crackling that retains maximum crunch.

August’s mediaeval pageant was a match made in heaven for our catering team. Every few seconds we’d hear the clink of chain-mail as attendees were drawn in by the irresistible aromas to sample food which added another layer of authenticity to their day!

Food Prepared Your Way In Hawkshead

Our friendly team get to bring this unique way of dining to all walks of life: one day we might be carving for a sit-down, multi-course meal for avidly-networking business executives at a hotel complex, the next we’ll be in a back garden or the market square.

Of course, weddings form a significant portion of our appointments too. The attraction of the pig roast which unites all these seemingly disparate events is a sense of communion and involvement in the act of feasting; we’ve all been to bashes where the approach to catering for the guests has been very much ‘get ’em in, get ’em fed and get ’em out. We want to provide something more open, tender and aesthetically pleasing than that.

The week of the Hawkshead water festival was jam packed with bookings dotted on the calendar for the end of ‘summer’. As well as providing a delicious reviver for the dragon boat crews, we had a number of requests for our ‘Hog roast Gourmet’ catering menu.

Our machines are geared not only to cooking pigs, but also beef, turkey, chicken and a wide range of marinated meats. We are proud to offer vegetarian food, along with our speciality salads and innovative side dishes. Take a look at our menus to see the range of options to suit all occasions and budgets!

The versatility of our machines is especially valuable as we come towards the end of the year. All the same things happen as in the summer: marriages, parties, works dos, business meetings; but of course, as the festive season approaches the organisers often want something which nods towards the time of year.

When you book with us, we offer you the assurance that any leftovers and waste produced by the hog roast will be discreetly and efficiently cleaned up and removed from your location.

Take a look at the choices hog roast Hawkshead has available for corporate hospitality, weddings, and whatever party you want to throw. Our catering staff are waiting to put on a feast to remember.

Alternatively, should you wish to use our Hog Roast hire Hawkshead service, we have a large and small portable machine to choose from, dependent on your needs. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to be able to prepare meat perfectly on our easy-to-use machines.

They all have an interior grill which allows you to heat other food such as burgers, drumsticks, mushrooms, sausages and kebabs while the animal is roasting. Either way, the best way to find out about what makes a pig roast Hawkshead special is to give it a go and Taste the Cracklin!

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