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Heathfield is a pretty market town set in the idyllic countryside and is steeped in history. A tradition in Heathfield is that in April they have a cuckoo fair on the 14th the woman from Heffle Fair comes carrying a basket inside is a cuckoo that is released on that day. Folklore has that the birds cries tell England that the season of winter is at an end and arrival of summer. Old Heathfield the original village is now incorporated into the present Heathfield.

Hog roast Heathfield welcome you to this pretty village as the market charter was given to Heathfield in the 14th century the medieval tradition of spit roasts came afterwards.

A hog roast hire Heathfield machine has now replaced the spit roast and is very versatile it can cook chickens or do the traditional pork or even zebra meat for the more adventurous. The first thing you will notice about a hog roast is that the meat is so succulent as it cooks in its own juices and it quite simply becomes the centre point of the party.

Another advantage is that a hog roast helps sell tickets for functions. We supply a chef, waiting on staff for the more complex menu and all crockery.

We clean up and go. The advantage of this that all you have to do is be a host for the evening and we take care of everything. Menus start with a hog roast on a roll or you may choose home-made burgers or another meat these are good for breakfasts. Menus can include a starter if requested we also have Chinese and Indian starters.

Dependant on the menu you choose you may have a range of courses which may include potatoes such as wedges or a range of salads or vegetables and a dessert such as Pavlova or fresh fruit salad. We also do canapés and pre drinks, for weddings or corporate events and besides the set menus we can also do individual menus.

Tasty Treats In Heathfield

Now Roger the Dodger will tell you how easy it is to your hog roast. Hi you can call me Dodge for short I tell you I hate hard work and chores that’s how I got my name as the Dandy is finished I thought I’d plan a surprise get together for my friends such Korky the Kat and Desperate Dan boy can he eat. Hog roast hire Heathfield were great I told them I wanted to give them a party they would remember.

First as it was for a 100 guests including – Street Kids not from Dandy well they delivered it in short time they shown me what to do. I loved it just turned it a few times and mixed with the guests it was great as it cooked in its own juices it was really tender.

I also had burgers well the Bash Street Kids had a little falling out so I shoved a burger in their mouths and that stopped any arguments. Desperate Dan didn’t stop eating we all tried dancing to some house music ideal if you have bad synchronisation. I got the burgers and chickens from hog roast Heathfield.

I didn’t do a dessert there might have been a food fight. The hog roast machine can also be used as a barbecue and the best bit was they collected it at the end. I’m off to bed bye!

Sorry everyone he had a bit to drink there are lots of things to do in Heathfield there is plenty to do visit Bralysham Castle looks like a medieval manor house with a moat but it was built in 1993.

There is the annual fair and in August a French market. For the brass band fanatics there is Heathfield’s own Silver Band they perform at parties.

For families try the Horam Manor Touring Park more than just a campsite with all weather football pitches; a farm museum, workshops, café nature walks where you can spot animals, a café and fishing facilities.

I think Roger the Dodger will be going on a walk right now to get rid of his hangover. For the adventurous try horse riding and with eleven restaurants to choose from Turkish Delight which is Mediterranean and Turkish to Indian restaurants.

The Star Inn built in 1300s also serves pub fare. I will see you soon just ring or fill out the form on the website. Hog roast Heathfield can’t wait to meet you and we have the coffee on.

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