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Taste the CracklinIf you have ever tried rowing as a sport then you will know that this is not a sport for the weak. You need true strength and stamina if you want to any good at the sport.

It is something that the people of Henley on Thames know all too well for they have seen some of the finest men and women rowers in the world take to the river in this part of the word. Such is the town’s rowing pedigree that the regatta was made royal in 1851 and the Royal Henley Regatta remains as special today as it has ever been. In fact you could argue that the recent Olympic successes of Team GB show it could remain very special for many years to come!

But there is about more about it than just rowing, indeed there will be many in the town with little or no interest in the sport. What a large percentage of the town’s 10,000 strong population may enjoy though is great food and a great party. Well, it may be that with a hog roast Henley on Thames, those people are able to enjoy both things together in quite perfect harmony!

So what is so wonderful about hog roast? Quite a lot it would seem, especially given the fact that this is a dish with Medieval origins, and who knows, there may even have been hog roasts taking place right here in Henley on Thames back in 1179, the date when records of Medieval settlements were found in the town.

The enduring popularity of hog roast is testament to what a great meat it truly is and how well it can help feed a large party of hungry guests. It is a real, success story but it is intriguing to learn how a hog roast goes from pig to plate.

Next time you attend a hog roast in Henley on Thames, you would be wise to spend a few moments considering just how that hog roast you are about to eat came to be. It really is a bit of an eye opener.

The Best Hog Roasts In Henley On Thames

You may have previously thought that a hog roast was simply a case of putting a pig over a fire but you’d be wrong as there is a lot more to it than that. It all starts with the chef needing to pick the pig.

This of course depends on the number of people that you are hoping will be in attendance at your event, though it should be noted that a standard sized pig can feed over a hundred people. But the chef is looking out for a lot more than just the amount of meat on the pig.

A very important factor when cooking a hog roast is the amount of fat on the pig as this is quite an important part of the whole cooking process. That fat helps the meat stay succulent during the long cooking time, and it is a long time.

The slow roasting process takes around six hours and without the essential protection that the fat provides, the meat would be as dry as a bone and your hog roast Henley on Thames guests would not be too impressed with the texture or flavour. The fat actually helps contribute flavour to the meat, so it really is a doubly important factor.

Six hours is a long time to cook a pig and this is why the dedication of the hog roast chef cannot be questioned. During this time they will ensure that the pig is cooked to total perfection.

In fact many people say that hog roast is probably the very best catering food they have ever tasted and easily one of the most incredible roast meats that they have ever sampled. Given the fact that a standard sized pig can feed such a large amount of people, it is no surprise that hog roast is becoming an increasingly popular option at events such as birthday functions, Christenings, charity events and anniversaries.

But a hog roast in Henley on Thames event can be very smart and formal too, thanks to the wonderful alternative ways that you can serve it. A gourmet hog roast is quite the most special l way you can provide people with great tasting, superb looking roasted pig in a forma environment, looking every bit as splendid as a meal served in a top restaurant.

Hog roast really is a superb catering solution and is more than enough to keep rowers fuelled up for the next big race.

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