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Taste the CracklinEver heard the saying ‘it’s all down to good breeding’? You probably have. It may be sometimes used a little tongue in cheek when talking about one’s children but for people in the livestock market, good breeding is absolutely everything.

Good selective breeding in livestock has, over the generations, led to great advances in livestock bred for meat and there is probably no better example of this than Hereford cattle. So successful is this breed that they can now be found in countries all over the world making this a remarkably versatile breed and quite possibly one of the UK’s most important exports.

It all goes to show the importance of good breeding when it comes to producing great quality meat. Good chefs will also tell you that a great quality meat will be a significant contributor to the success or failure of a dish.

Quality meat really counts. It’s a principle that applies to everything and that includes that most traditional dish, the hog roast, and with hog roast making a comeback in Hereford and elsewhere in the UK, it’s good to know that a hog roast Hereford truly delivers on the quality meat count.

Hog roast hire Hereford chefs take understand the importance of quality meat which is why they take a no compromise approach to their work. They select only a quality pig from a reputable source, something that is probably widely available in Herefordshire!

A hog roast Hereford is a fantastic solution for many special events, functions and occasions, and if you are yet to taste the delights of hog roast then you are sure be in for a very pleasant experience.

Each hog roast hire Hereford chef takes a wholly professional approach to each hog roasting that they undertake, and this is not simply because of the choice of meat. For an average sized hog roast, you can expect the chef to spend six hours cooking and preparation time which helps all the precious flavours inside the pig get very slowly released, producing tender and succulent pork.

The Best Hog Roasts In Hereford

You could call hog roast a historic food with some justification as its roots lie in Medieval times. In fact hog roast really was one of the original special occasion foods, often being served at large gatherings of important people.

In fact many such meetings may have taken place in the old city of Hereford, indeed it is safe to say that many hog roasts would have taken place in the quite grand surroundings of Hereford Castle.

Hog roast is certainly a back to basics food. This is a feast for the purists with a reliance on great meat and simple yet prolonged cooking to produce the best results. Originally cooked over a huge open fire, the Hereford hog roast chef takes a slightly different approach by utilising the hog roast machine; a fine piece of modern equipment that provides the same effectiveness of an open fire without the need for an open hearth, making for a much safer cooking environment!

This creates something of a visual cooking feast, too. Your guests will really enjoy watching the chef as they slowly tend to the glorious whole pig as it roasts away. There is nothing quite like watching your meal being cooked in front of you and this is certainly one of the more exciting dishes that you will see being cooked in this manner.

Hog roast is not just a visually exciting meal as it is being cooked but it can be a stunning meal to look at, too. Hog roast makes a wonderful option for a formal event, which come as something of a surprise for those who have tasted hog roast at less formal occasions such as garden parties of birthday functions.

You will often see hog roast served on rolls at such events, and they do make incredibly tasty rolls, however a formal event calls for a more formally presented meal and hog roast can certainly meet that need with some ease.

Your Hereford hog roast chef can prepare your hog roast as a finely carved plated up meal, complete with crackling, apple sauce and the usual accompaniments to give your guests a totally professional looking meal that looks like it was served in a top restaurant.

And with your typical Hereford hog roast capable of satisfying over a hundred diners, there really will be plenty of meat to go round. Seconds anyone? If you are looking at hosting or planning a special occasion, make sure you work hog roast into your plans.

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