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Taste the CracklinIf you are looking for big bustling town full of tradition and history then they don’t come much bigger or more bustling than the might of Huddersfield.

This really is a big town with over one hundred and forty five thousand residents. And when you talk about history and tradition in these parts, you simply cannot avoid talking about sport as this is a sports made town. Huddersfield loves both rugby league and football with Huddersfield Giants being a big presence in the Super League and Huddersfield Town FC playing in the Championship.

This is also a town of fine architecture, with many fine vine Victorian examples, not least the Grade 1 Listed railway station which is amongst the finest examples of its kind anywhere.
But Huddersfield could soon be putting itself on the map for another reason, for it is developing a bit of taste for a rather Medieval slice of culinary history when it comes to event catering. Yes, it is joining the rest of the United Kingdom in its growing appreciation of hog roast as an exciting alternative to traditional catering options. Goodbye boring party food, hello hog roast Huddersfield.

It does seem to be surprising how hog roast has become a bit of a hit with people in recent years. After all, hog roast only used to make fleeting appearances at special events but something changed and now the hog roast hire Huddersfield caterer is now one of the busiest people in catering circles, not that they are bothered. So why has hog roast made the comeback of all comebacks? I for one think that we can trace this back to the rise of the TV chef.

The last ten or fifteen years has seen the TV chef take over great swathes of mainstream and daytime TV. It seems that every night on at least one channel you can find a chef extolling the virtues of using this or cooking with that. You cannot escape them! But they do talk sense and the fact that they talk so frequently about using top quality ingredients and keeping things simple is music to the hog roast hire Huddersfield chef’s ears. After all, in hog roast you have the perfect example of quality meat cooked simply. Far from being a menagerie of ingredients, the success or otherwise of a hog roast lies in one thing; the meat.

It is this reliance on the quality of the meat that makes the hog roast Huddersfield so utterly perfect and ideal as a special occasion meal. What could be simpler? A great whole pig, a chef and some people tom eat it? Well, not quite. A hog roast may be cooking simplicity, but to think that no element of hard work is required to implement this would be folly. A hog roast is hard work, which means that hiring a hog roast chef provides you with the perfect solution.

Hog Roast Huddersfield – Leaders In Our Field

Hog roasts are absolutely the best thing ever for any special event. You simply cannot go wrong with it. If you wanted a catering solution that is versatile, tasty and impressive then it simply has to be a hog roast. There really is no competition in my eyes! Versatility with hog roast means being able to turn its trotters to any occasion and that is something that hog roast is perfect at.

Let’s suppose you have a rather grand corporate event lined up where you need to impress the Huddersfield hierarchy with some great catering. Hog roast really can rise to the occasion, helped in no small part by the skill of the hog roast chef. They can carve the hog roast in a most professional manner so that you can serve it as a gourmet hog roast meal, complete with stupendous crackling, apple sauce, vegetables and potatoes. A quite special plate of food and certainly not what you would expect from hog roast. But that’s not to say that you can’t have hog roast at a more party themed event. In fact hog roast is at its fun loving best when served as hot hog roast rolls with sauces and cracklings.

This pig in a bun is the king of all party foods and everybody simply adores the great flavours. And with a standard pig serving over one hundred, you may have enough for seconds.
Don’t serve your Huddersfield guests second rate food. Serve them up super league tasting Huddersfield hog roast if you want make sure you get a great response from all, your guests.

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