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Taste the CracklinThe ancient and much loved county of Leicestershire lies in the industrial heartland of Britain. Situated in the East Midlands, the relatively uninteresting topography of the county is more than compensated for by the diversity and depth of the industries which occupy the region.

This is highly relevant, as is the case with other hubs of Leicestershire such as Leicester itself. Although many people think that the vast majority of Leicestershire is densely populated with little room for agricultural practices; this is actually far from the case.

Robert Bakewell, the famous breeder of livestock, bred and maintained an extensive flock in Leicestershire. Naming many of his breeds after Leicester itself, the regions strong links to agriculture are often overlooked.

In Coldecott and Narborough, there are far more examples of the rural past-times taking place all through the year – including animal shows. As the areas first and premier hog and spit roast catering provider, we know just what it takes to rear the right livestock to be used on our spits.

Full of flavour and simply tantalising when served with our accompaniments, the whole carcasses which can be sourced in and around the area of Leicestershire are a joy to consume indeed. Our catering services in Swannington have been such a pleasure to undertake, as have all of our other and more diverse catering locations in the area.

Although we staunchly stand by the glorious nature of the hog roast in all of its ancient beauty – we also utilise very modern standards and techniques when it comes to conducting our events at the events of our clients, of particular interest in Cranwell.

Thus, we use the best flame roasting machine units in order to give our clients the best taste and the greatest food – over and over again!

Leicestershire enjoys a long and interesting history that’s very much as relevant today as in yester years. Home to many small towns and villages the region punches well above its weight when it comes to industries such as engineering. But I’d be exaggerating if I told you that is what I love about the area.

For me, the region is much more about farming and the food and drink that comes with it. The area has a long and fruitful history of agriculture and food, whether its Red Leicester cheese, Stilton or the pork pie, Leicestershire cuisine is famous throughout the United Kingdom.

Leicestershire is very much fertile ground for hog roasting and it’s no surprise to myself that Hog Roast Event Catering has been received as well as it has. The community of Leicestershire have a great appreciation for local, freshly farmed produce and foods – hog roasting certainly ticks all those boxes.

Started many years ago by myself as, if I’m to be honest little more than a hobby, the company grew at speed and I was the owner of one of Leicestershire’s fastest growing caterer.

Torn between my office job and my hobby I was faced with a decision of taking a gamble on my hog roast company or my secure 9-5, the decision was easy! and I’ve never looked back.

Truth being told I didn’t much like my then “real job”, and hog roasting has always been in my heart since being only a young boy. Now I run a company that isn’t just the most popular in Leicestershire, but steadily making similar claims all across the United Kingdom.

There’s nothing better than a properly done hog roast and my company’s growth being entirely from word of mouth and factoring on the amazing taste of the food says a lot for hog roasting. Hog roasting is now more in demand than I could have ever imagined all those years ago and we’re forever evolving and looking for ways to better our service.

Now I have at my disposable the best spit roast machines and staff members I could ask for, working in harmony to help peoples events reach their full potential and be truly enjoyable.

The machines we create are the best in the Leicestershire and used by ourselves and our competition, and the staff we use are the best in Leicestershire, which is why they work for us and not the competition! Birds of a feather really do flock together.

The most famous of our services is catering, as alluded to in our name. With the best machines on the market and the best hog roasters in the industry working for Hog Roast Event Catering we have a head start on the competition.

The knockout punch that sees us wear the hog roasting crown is our superior menus. The set menus we offer are tried and tested – also copied and used as blue print by our many competitors – and are one of our main selling points. We have many delightful options, all of which are well priced and with food sourced locally from the finest Leicestershire farmers.

A lesser known service of ours is our machine hire. You can hire or buy from us our supreme hog roast machines. We carry two different machines, The Titan Hog Roast Machine and The Professional Hog Roast Machine both of which are considered to be market leaders within the hog roasting industry.

The price for our Hog Roast Catering hire service is very reasonable for an event or a month if long term hire is of more interest to you. The Titan model is capable of cooking a pig up to 90kg in weight or 30 whole chickens, easily enough to feed for a good few hundred people at a time.

The Professional while not as powerful is just as good and can cook a 35 kg pig, 15 chickens or turkeys and too many jacket potatoes to count – Perfect for a summer BBQ or Bonfire night party.

The popularity of my company – along with the profits and reputation – are forever growing, making our talents and expertise as hog roast chefs and successful business know-how very much in demand.

We run a consultation service that grows in demand by the day, if you’re a struggling, newly started or even a reasonably successful catering company we’re capable and willing to help you develop and grow your own service and brand.

We help with everything from menus to internet marketing and can give your company a lot in the way of exposure and development.

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