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Taste the CracklinHistory isn’t everything when choosing a place to live. Sometimes you simply good homes, excellent amenities, nice shops and good access to other parts of the country. If you can get all that then you are doing okay. One town that has all that is Livingston.

Of course, Livingston has history, it’s just a relatively short one. You see Livingston is a new town, with the first people moving to live there in the mid sixties.

Livingston is now a thriving town with a population of over sixty thousand people and that means plenty of opportunities for events, parties and general celebrations. How does a hog roast Livingston party sound?

Yes, I did say hog roast Livingston party, because hog roast is becoming something of a new favourite when it comes to choosing the right food for a big family event or special occasion.

But it does seem a little odd that a traditional old feast such as hog roast should find a new lease of life in a Scottish new town such as Livingston, doesn’t it?

The humble hog roast and Livingston combination would seem odd if it were not for the fact that people like good value for money. Traditional function and event catering can seem, well, very poor. You sometimes feel you would be better doing the catering yourself rather than waste good money on decidedly low class food.

Hog roast provides a stunning alternative to anyone looking to add great food to their event. Hog roast can liven up a Livingston event with some of the tastiest meat you will ever enjoy.

Quality Hog Roast Catering In Livingston

Hog roast meat is juicy, tender and absolutely delicious, in fact everyone seems to absolutely adore the taste of what is the best pork you will ever sink your teeth into.

What does it taste so good? It’s a combination of two things: great meat and slow roasting. You have to start off with a great pig for a quality hog roast for your Livingston guests, and the hog roast chef will provide an excellent specimen that comes from a totally reputable source.

Then you need to cook it well. Really well. Six long hours in fact, but this slow cooking ensure your Livingston diners are in for a treat as the meat will taste quite incredible after this cooking process. If you have never tasted freshly cooked hog roast before then I guarantee that you and your guests are in for a real treat.

What about the crackling? Well, you won’t be disappointed. Hog roast crackling is up there with the very best. It’s some of the crispiest crackling you will ever taste.

How do you like your hog roast serving? It all depends on your event. Personally, I love a hot hog roast roll with stuffing. But if your Livingston event is something a little more formal (such as a wedding or corporate function). Then it may be wise to ask the hog roast chef to provide a more formal presentation, and that’s something where hog roast looks stunning.

A new town and an old favourite. Hog roast and Livingston are an odd but perfectly happy couple.

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