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Taste the CracklinLondon is the illustrious capital city of England. A major settlement for over two millenia, the area and metropolitan district of London is record breaking in most ways.

For example, there are 43 Universities in London, making it the largest area for higher education in the world. Along with its academic powerhouses, London contains four world heritage sites, no less.

With a massively diverse population of between 12 and 14 million souls – it sure is a great place to have a good old hog roast. Sure, when looking at the statistics that London achieves in so many ways – it is easy to get carried away with adjectives.

However, it is not the stats which make London; it is the people. From Ancaster right through to the culturally diverse area of London itself – the diversity of culture and people is what makes London truly what it is today.

As providers of bespoke and tailored hog and spit roast catering packages – this is a great thing. The reason why its great is because the actual concept and practice pre-dates any national or cultural boundary; therefore hog and spit roasting is in everyone’s culture – irrespective of nationality.

When we conduct our varied hog and spit roast events in London – from Borehamwoood right on down to the nooks and tight avenues of Clapham – we are always met with enthusiasm. In a world where the quick fix solution is often the one utilised – we dont mind taking our time.

We slowly roast meat over delicate, dancing flames in our hog roast London machines – providing epic food in Kew every time. As well as this, by not rushing, we allow the meat to retain its moisture and fullness of flavour. In areas such as Castlefield, everyone can see just how much love we infuse into our food. Which is why the people of London love eating it.

Welcome to hog roast event catering in London your very own London hog roast hire and catering company. Hog roast catering is a delightful way in which to cook food and feed people, and hog roast event catering is the most skilled London hog roast company in the area.

If you’ve been tasked with organising catering at any events, our hog roast catering service is a fitting candidate. Hog roasting has a long history and while ours isn’t quite as long, it’s long enough to have seen us cater for thousands of different clients, for thousands of different events and reasons.

All of which have gone without hitch or hiccup, thanks largely to our amazing staff and the high standards and expectations we’ve instilled throughout all facets of our company. When you put your faith in us we’ll repay it with a magnificent service that’s second to no other.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why, despite the inconsistency in popularity of other catering services and trends that so quickly come and go, hog roast catering has stood strong and unshaken by the evolution of society?

If you don’t know before trying pig roasting, you’ll surely know after! Hog roasting is a great all natural and extremely tasty way to cook food. It’s easy, delicious, healthy, and doesn’t run up a receipt quite like good quality real food from a supermarket or restaurant would.

You need only a machine and a pig and you’re half way to feeding hundreds of people, the other half isn’t much more complicated – Simply skewer the meat, turn on the machine and wait a couple of hours.

Relatively speaking it’s the most stress-free and tasteful way to cook that’s out there. We can cater with our machines inside and outside. The breadth of experience we have as Hastings best Hog Roasters has seen us cater at events big and small, with an array of menus to fit the mood and size of your event.

Please call us if you’d like to know more about our menus and catering. We’re also happy to tell you that we hire out our own custom designed and constructed machines. If you’re wanting to man the ship yourself we’d love to provide you a machine and pig.

We’ll deliver and return the machine with a gas bottle; you’ll also receive a free demonstration from one of our professionals who’ll show you how to use the machine and answer any questions you have about cooking with a hog roast machine. Please call or email us for more information on our hog roast London services.

We offer many different packages to all of our customers including a selection of different menus and also Hog Roast machine hire. It is becoming more and more popular to have a go at hiring your own machine and cooking your own Hog Roast.

This is a very good service to hire because you can use it in any scenario. One scenario that it can be very beneficial for is raising money for charity. It is very easy to set up a stall with one of our Hog Roast machines.

It is very easy to hire one of our machines and at a very reasonable price per event it is also very cheap. Along with the machine we also provide a gas bottle, required for cooking and delivery and collection. We only provide the best machines.

There are three packages that we offer to our customers please refer to our hog roast machine hire London section on our website for more information regarding each of the individual packages. As well as the machine we also provide a tutorial when delivering and also leave you the contact number of one of our trained chefs, just in case you get stuck.

The easiest way to get the best out of your hog roast machine London is making succulent hot pork sandwiches.These sandwiches are one of the quickest ways to use your spit roasted pork and are a very popular.

There’s nothing better to eat than a hot pork sandwich especially when you can see and more importantly smell it being cooked. By setting up a spit roast you are not just selling food for charity, you are providing an experience.

There is no other smell or sight in the world like that of a hog roast slow cooking in front of you. This is not your typical food stall for charity, serving things such as homemade cakes and biscuits.

You will be cooking something very different and unique which is a big selling point of the hog roast. Think of the wow factor that is created when people see the pig slow roasting, you carving the meat and then you serving them. The city is famous for its university’s and student unions are always up for doing charity events.

This would be the perfect place for you to set up your stall because of the vast amount of students that are always passing through. It is entirely up to you how much you want to charge per sandwich. Students are always looking for something quick and tasty to eat and our delicious hot pork sandwiches fit the bill perfectly.

Don’t be afraid to try and do it yourself, it is a lot easier than you may think. Plus, if you do face any problems we are always here to help. And with prices so cheap there is no risk involved because the food is guaranteed to be delicious.

There is of course no denying how important the capital is when it comes to dictating trends in the United Kingdom. It is often said that what starts off as a ripple in London soon becomes a wave that engulfs the whole country, whether it is film, music or indeed food even.

It is really is a cultural hotspot that influences so many people not just in the area itself or in the UK but across the whole world. Just look at the influence that British fashion has on the world. A lot of that is down to the incredibly vibrant fashion industry that has made London its spiritual home.

Understandably really, as London is such a hotbed of design and a magnet for new trends and styles to be tried out, whether walking around the West End or on the Tube at night.

Maybe the capital attraction effect is working for hog roast too? It certainly seems as if the hog roast has been embraced warmly and with open arms by the many people who call the capital and its surrounding areas home.

Having a hog roast in London is now considered one of the trendiest ways to celebrate according to those in the know. And let’s face it, there are plenty of people and businesses in and around the capital where celebrating with a hog roast would seem perfectly natural.

Just imagine how many huge companies and financial institutions there are in London and the City. Each and every one of those businesses will organise corporate events at some time or other and that can only mean one thing; the search for the perfect catering.

Those of a certain age will recall the TV images from the eighties of all the high flyers drinking champagne and eating caviar. Maybe things are not quite as over the top thirty years on and especially given the recent years of recession, many companies will have tightened the purse strings just a little, however they will all be still very keen to ensure that they put on a good show when it comes to corporate events.

What they are really looking out for is a splendid tasting option that is not your everyday meal and that looks incredible and very impressive. To fit that bill it is hard to look past any other option but getting a hog roast London caterer in.

Hog roast would seem to be the almost perfect fit for that conundrum. Hog roast, as everyone knows, looks incredible. What could be more special than seeing a whole pig being spit roasted on the wonderfully impressive hog roast machine?

A plate of sandwiches? Pizzas? I don’t think so. The aromas alone from hog roast are enough to send many a person crazy with delight. Who needs lobster and oysters when you can get the stupendously brilliant taste of hog roast for such a relatively low price. London may be the nation’s capital but when it comes to catering, hog roast is the undisputed king!

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