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Taste the CracklinThe epic industrial heartland of the North of England is undoubtedly the regional Borough of Manchester.

In the industrial revolution, Manchester was one of the worlds largest regions of commerce – responsible for some of the largest relative outputs in terms of utilisable exports. Without a doubt, Manchester United are the worlds most famous football club, situated in the area of Trafford.

Here, some of the worlds greatest footballers have plied their trade – to the adulation of the fans and their own enjoyment, no doubt. As the providers of the regions favourite hog and spit roasted food at catered events – we know just how dear Manchester is to people who originate here – and quite right too.

From the heights of Abbey Wood, right down into the rejuvenated centre of Manchester itself, there is a new lease of life present in Manchester.

Through industrial decline in the 1980’s and 1990’s, many saw the future of Manchester as being rather unclear. Deprived areas began to appear, with Cheadle Hulme forming one of these, as was the case with another area such as Worsley.

However, through investment and positive attempts at re-defining the role of the city, Manchester now stands as a monument to forward thinking, as well as being a testament to not giving in to industrial decline.

With some of the finest shopping in Europe – as well as some of the best restaurants Britain has to offer, Manchester is certainly a place to visit.

In Chorlton, you can take advantage of some of our finest menus – all using local high quality produce, cooked just to your liking. Alternatively, why not take a trip down into Birkdale, where everyone wears a smile a shouts a merry ‘hello’ as they pass on their way.

If you want a truly exceptional catering company that can provide a first class service and food to any event, then you have made the right choice in choosing Taste the Cracklin.

We only use the finest, freshest ingredients when cooking our famous hog roasts and our team of highly trained and dedication staff will give you only the best possible service if at your next event.

Hog Roast Manchester is now one of the top outside catering companies in the whole of Manchester and we hope you choose us to cater for your next event to discover for yourselves why this is.

So what is it that makes us the ideal choice for catering at your next event? For starters, we promise that we will give you the tastiest, most mouth watering food you will be able to find anywhere in the region.

What truly makes us special is our famous spit roasted pigs, cooked to absolute perfection by our highly trained and experienced chefs. These delicious tasting hog roasts really do have to be tasted to be believed and will be sure to astound your guests.

Not only do they taste delicious, the way they are cooked in front of your guests eyes from fresh gives your event a fantastic centre piece and talking point that other traditional catering services simply do not offer.

We don’t only cook mouth watering hog roasts though, you can choose to have beef, lamb, poultry instead. In fact, you get to choose the entire menu yourself, right down to the smallest detail. No matter which menu option you choose, you can be sure that all of our products are the freshest you can buy and all locally produced from the famous farmers on our own door step.

We are proud to support our local farmers in this way, not just because it makes a difference with the taste of our food, but we are aware that details like this are important to our customers. We feel this is just one of the reasons why hog roast Manchester has established itself as one of the top catering companies in the area.

No matter what the occasion is, Hog Roast Event Catering is the perfect catering company to provide top quality food and service. It doesn’t matter if it is just a small gathering and you only want the most basic menu, or you need to cater for thousands of people so require the most extravagant menu available, we will be happy to help.

We are also confident that you will be pleasantly surprised at just who inexpensive the service we provide is. This is just one of the reasons we have so many customers who are more than happy to keep returning time and time again.

You will notice that there are no set prices on our website. That is because each time we cater for an event, we make it as unique as personal to the customer as possible.

You really do get to decide every aspect of how you want us to serve your guests – from the size of the menu, to have may members of our friendly and dedicated team you want serve for you. We understand how important planning events or parties can be, so we do everything we can to make sure every thing goes exactly how you want it to.

To further make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, our team will arrive at your event several hours before it is due to start to begin setting up. This is so you can be safe in the knowledge as early as possible that the catering will be provided on time and without any hitches.

We will then wait until all your guests have finished before clearing up all the mess that may have accumulated afterwards, so you really do not have anything to worry about when you choose Taste the Cracklin Hog Roast Catering in Manchester to cater for you.

We have loads of delicious menus to pick from Party Menu 1 Pig in a Bun, which is simply a Spit Roasted Pig served in soft bread rolls with Apple sauce and Crispy Crackling.

Or a very formal sit down banquet Wedding Menu3 up to four delightful Canapés ranging from dishes from all over the world such as; Italian Mini Pizza, Chinese Dim Sum, Indian Selection and odle English Roast Beef in Yorkshire Pudding.

Spit Roasted Pig Served with Applesauce Stuffing & Crispy Crackling and other succulent meat our fine chefs prepare which is served with fresh and they very best salad and vegetables which is supplied from one of our key Salad and Vegetable supplies.

To polish of all that wonderful main course there is some delightful dishes which will tempt anyone’s fancy ranging from Cheesecake to Lemon Tart or Chocolate Torte to Sticky Toffee Pudding. What a way to end you’re special wedding. We aim to please at all our events no matter what time or day it is.

We know a wedding day is a very special day and we love to make that day that little bit more special with a feast which is truly special and no hassle at all. We know setting up a wedding can be stressful so we like to take the stress out of catering.

No matter how many guests there are we can cater for hundreds. We have made many Bride and Groom’s day perfect with our excellent banquets fit for a King and Queen. You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy our range of superb dishes.

Maybe you are starting out at a new company and want to impress everyone there why not hire us to help? We will defiantly get you liked in the company. We have amazed and dazzled many guests and work colleagues with a beautiful hog roast.

People watch mouths watering as the Hog slowly gets roasted, carved up and served on a plate or in a bread roll. Meat lovers will absolutely adore a golden brown Hog with crispy crackling to partner. We also can transform the same Christmas retinue and turn it into something really special. We can also roast Turkey as well as our party piece Hog.

Here at Hog Roast Manchester we know our suppliers thoroughly and have worked with them for many years. We only work with the best and more passionate of business like ourselves.

Our chefs have a vast amount of knowledge of culinary skills. We use best quality meat from local suppliers and source free-range and organic meat. We use the very best, so you have the very best experience. As well as being highly professional they are very friendly and outgoing.

Hog Roast Manchester is truly high quality service with 5 star foods. Taking a past time and the best way to cook meat and reinvigorating it in the modern day times is wonderful. We have been blessed by the city of Manchester so we try to do the same for them by blessing them with our fabulous Hog Roasting.

A Hog roast catering is ideal for party or event. It brings that extra special spark to anything. So if you are planning a Wedding, a Cooperate event, a Party or even just a barbecue think of us when you are booking and wow friends and family or colleagues with a beautiful Hog Roast.

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