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The relatively small area of the Merseyside metropolitan county is only small in area terms. In other aspects, the Merseyside area is a huge player both in the history of Britain as well as the current socio-political landscape.

By travelling through areas such as Atherton, you can see how much the region has changed over the years. A major facet of the rapid growth and mobilisation of the working masses in the Merseyside area was due to the phenomenon of slavery.

A disgrace to humanity, slavery has left an indelible black mark on our collective consciousness. However, at the time, slavery powered huge commercial revenues – and this was a decisive factor in the eventual success of Britain as the first industrialised nation.

Today, the Mersey is the subject and recipient of much European investment – an important aspect of Merseyside trying to re-invent itself and become a ‘big-player’ in regional terms once again – particularly important in areas such as Liverpool and the glorious yet often misunderstood areas of Knowsley.

As providers of the regions leading hog and spit roast event catering, we love the proximity of the region to exceptional natural produce – both in terms of the great whole meats which we source through to the vegetables and salads which comprise the rest of our diverse and eclectic menus. In Ecclestone, we have had numerous wedding events recently, which really benefited from our spit roast services – as the food is simply divine.

As in Waterloo, the weddings and private party catering which we have had the pleasure of conducting has really taken off – a clear and present indicator that the people of Merseyside love their food.

Few sights are more impressive at a dinner function than a well prepared hog roast. Whether the event is a corporate gathering, wedding or simply a more extravagant barbecue, several first class hog roast caterers are available on Merseyside to provide you with a tailored service to suit specific budgets and requirements.

With hog roast catering a private birthday party or charity event can remove the headache of providing for large numbers in their hundreds, but is also equally flexible when requiring food for smaller groups, with high quality and mouth-watering meats prepared and ready to eat at times which suit the needs of your guests.

A hog roast need not be limited to a special summertime occasion and can be equally successful as a visually pleasing centrepiece during winter months to impress friends and family around the fire at an informal fireworks party or birthday, with the alluring aroma of a slowly cooked roast providing the perfect antidote to a cold winter night.

Hog roasting is increasingly seen as not only a way to feed many people, but as a true culinary experience which has transcended the ages from the medieval period to become a modern outside dining choice which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and taste buds.

Versatile hog roasting machines from companies serving the area are capable of providing a range of meats aside from the traditional, often locally sourced, hog roast meat such as lamb, beef and chicken, doubling as an adept BBQ grill to deliver burgers, steaks and sausages.

Hog roasting may look striking, but can be acquired on a range of budgets for a party or gathering which will be talked about for several weeks afterwards.

Dedicated teams across Merseyside can provide fresh, succulent spit roast pig with sides of salads, or a stand alone hog roast as the centre of attention along with sauces and rolls and an assistant to expertly carve the meat when required.

For one off events, renting hog roasting machines with a professional team of caterers is the best way to ensure an enjoyable day which runs smoothly. If intending to use the service regularly it may prove cost-effective to actually purchase a pig roaster after witnessing the process first hand.

This would enable enthusiasts to enjoy the hog roasting experience whenever it suits, with equipment available to match up with independent budgets and requirements, ensuring it is not only an experience which can be enjoyed by the privileged few.

Hygiene is understandably of utmost importance when dealing with meats which are exposed for lengthy periods, which is why each hog roast caterer in the region conforms to strict health and hygiene regulations at all times.

Companies are able to provide proof of food handling certificates and public liability insurance should this be required. First things first do not be sceptical about contacting us just arm yourself with a number of questions, what type of function would and where would you like us to provide hog roast catering services in?

This will be answered confidently and we will inform that any event can be catered for as we are able to provide hog roast catering at a number of functions such as wedding receptions at a Stately Home to a birthday party in a small back garden.

So do not worry about the size of your garden or venue. We know you like to put on a show but your finances cannot always provide for a high-budget event so it all depends on what you want from your hog roast catering.

We can provide an “All Inclusive” package which means that everything can be done for you, not only are we able to supply the hog and roast it in your back garden but there are extra services we can provide as well such as waiters and waitresses if needed silver service, bars, glasses etc.

In all, the “All Inclusive” package allows for you to entertain and not have to worry about making sure that the hog provided is cooked and all your guests are looked after. So next time you are thinking of holding a hog roast catering event please contact us.

After discussing what you want, we will provide all the items required such as him providing the hog and the oven to cook, over the course of the evening as well as all types of meat can be offered which included lamb, beef, hog and a vegetarian option.

If there is going to be a large number of people that will be attending, It’s better to have more food than not so be prepared for all eventualities.

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