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If there is one thing I love about being in a big circle of friends and family, it is the fact that I get invited to more than my fair share of parties and special occasions.

It’s great, I love the seemingly endless list of events that I get asked to each year. I have been a huge number of charity events, sportsmen’s dinners and corporate functions as well as all the usual suspects such as Christenings, birthdays and anniversaries.

Yes, it can get expensive when there is no free bar, but I still love being so sociable.

Now, you may not have quite the social life in Mexborough that I do but I am sure that we do both have something else in common other than a home town and that is our hatred of terrible catering.

You see, for all the wonderful events I have attended and for all the great people I meet at them, one thing is guaranteed to ruin things and that is bad food.

I see absolutely no reason why people should organise an otherwise wonderful evening only to then go and spoil it all by serving up third class catering.

Why on Earth does it happen when they could bring in someone like the hog roast hire Mexborough caterer to make things perfect.

Yes, I did say hog roast hire Mexborough caterer and yes, they really are the solution when you need perfect event catering. If you have ever experienced hog roast then you will certainly understand exactly what I mean.

I am not the only one who feels this way about hog roast by any means, as hog roast Mexborough events are becoming more and more popular every year.

It seems that a lot of people have cottoned on to the fact that hog roast represents one of the best solutions when it comes to catering for any sort of special event.

But why is it the case that a Medieval feast should be a modern day solution for catering? Well, I feel that the growing interest in traditional cooking techniques and the use of prime quality ingredients that the TV chefs go on about so much has started to make an impact and people are really starting to leave behind the old boring solutions in favour of something that provides much more in the way of flavour.

This is why you are seeing more and more hog roast Mexborough special occasions.

The Best Hog Roasts In Mexborough

All this talk of great ingredients and goof cooking is fine, but what does it all really mean? How special can the ingredients and cooking of a hog roast really be?

Well, it’s time to listen and learn. Every great meal starts with great ingredients and hog roast lives by those very same principles. That is why you hear of hog roast chefs being very picky about the quality of the pig that they choose for every event they cater for.

The amount of fat, the quality of the meat, the size of the pig are all important factors that they take into consideration.

Then it is the cooking. Now back in Medieval times, things were somewhat different, with huge open fires to cook the pig but we have come up with something far more effective, safer and more impressive.

The hog roast machine is a splendid piece of machinery that provides the perfect ‘stage’ on which the chef can cook the mighty Mexborough pig. The machine not only helps cook the pig quite superbly but also allows your guests to see the cooking process as it nears completion.

It’s a wonderful sight and that one that can really help get your guests into the mood for some wonderful food. You should probably also be aware of the fact that hog roast takes a quite substantial six hours to cook, so do not panic – the cooking of your Mexborough beast will have started some hour earlier.

Guests may be patient but six hours could be pushing the boundaries a bit too far.

The aromas of the cooking pig are also quite amazing. It really is an all round top experience that you really should share with your guests. Before you know it, you and your crowd will soon be enjoying the great taste of juicy hog roast rolls or gourmet hog roast dinners depending on the nature of your event.

You see there really is nothing to compare with hog roast. If you want great flavours, great meat and fresh cooking, make it hog roast style catering.

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