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Midhurst is often cited as England’s sunniest town. Describing this past year as sunny would be stretching it a bit, even for us!

Having said that, the last few months have been our busiest for a long time, as residents and holidaymakers seem to really warm to the combination of sea air and the aroma of beautiful roasting pork.

The catering team of hog roast Midhurst operates across the borough, bringing this most captivating shared dining experience to special events of all types and sizes.

We also are the leading local providers of roasting machine hire; Hog roast hire Midhurst enables you to sample our state-of-the-art, portable and easily operated machines and cook your choice of food at your leisure.

Beyond its quiet charms and Victorian architecture, Midhurst is a thriving hub of commerce. Our corporate menus have been specially compiled to fit whatever timescale and setting you have in mind.

You may only have a brief window to feed your guests, so what better way to satisfy appetites than with melt-in-the-mouth pork in a fresh roll, accompanied by our peerless crackling and sauces?

If you want something more indulgent, our spit roast menu has a mouth watering choice of spit-cooked meats along with a vegetarian alternative.

For a more formal full meal, our gourmet dining menus offer an impressive array of courses, side dishes and desserts, along with the star attraction of all our menus, the pig himself!

The seafront is a popular location for barbecues during the summer months. Such locations prove no obstacle to our machines, as they are designed to afford maximum portability in dealing with the practicalities of outdoor engagements.

It’s a great piece of serendipity that Midhurst hosts a Victorian festival; the aesthetic of our hog roast hire fits perfectly with the theme, and of course the surrounding buildings, and folk enticed by the aromas of the fresh animal cooking tend to wander to our marquee stands in local hostelries in significant numbers.

Hog Roast Midhurst – Experienced Yet Versatile Catering Company

We can bring our friendly team to your private parties, once again offering a wide choice of menus to suit all budgets, taking the rush and stress out of serving your guests, indoors and out.

Everyone wants their wedding day to be an occasion that will be remembered by all.

If you take a look at our wedding menu options, you’ll see that our expertise is not confined to roasting meat; we take great pride in preparing dishes that match all our competitors for variety, quality and taste. The hog roast caterers arrive early with the animals completely fresh – that way, the party will be able to witness the full evolution of our prime meat from spit to table, taking in all the sensory treats that lie along the way.

There have been few more splendid memories for me as a caterer than looking out from the Victorian splendour of the Grand Hotel, out to the pier and the vast oceans beyond, carving fork and blade in hand, dishing out the tender meat on the south coast!

If at this point you’re contemplating hiring us for an outdoor event but are concerned about the reliability of the British weather, fear not: both our catering teams and machine hire set come equipped with a marquee to cover the machine and serving location.

If there are a few showers, people are even keener to tuck into the hearty, flavoursome comfort that the hog roast provides. Should you book our lovely catering staff, we will ensure your guests are served promptly and clean up and dispose of any waste or litter we create.

We are available all year round, so if you fancy adding a little decadence to your Christmas party, the versatility of this method of cooking means it is also the embodiment of festive; friends and loved ones assembled to celebrate and partake in communal feasting executed with the utmost care and finesse.

Should you wish to try your hand at using a spit roast, then hog roast hire Midhurst has the most advanced equipment available at reasonable prices, built to strict specifications and certified to exacting standards of hygiene and safety.

Please browse our site to get a feel of the various options available to you, and the comprehensive service we provide. Now it’s time to stop the chatter and load up the van for a 90th birthday bash up the road; hopefully I’ll be delivering one or two of our fantastic animals to you in the not-too-distant future.

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