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Taste the Cracklin

If you’ve heard that Taste the Cracklin has the best hog roast Monworth catering to offer your event then you’re not alone

The cat’s been let out of the bag and one of Monmouth most revered caterers is now seeing the most success.

Like wildfire in the Australian bush, our name is catching on and the good people of Monmouth are engulfed in the idea of Taste the Cracklin hog roast catering.

It’s fair to say that an event without us will never see its true potential.
People love us, they love the hog roasts in Monworthfood we serve them, most of all they love that ever-so wonderful display of culinary theatrics which is always present when we are booked.

A whole large roast pig contrasted with the shiny, stainless steel ergonomic beauty of a Taste the Cracklin machine, it’s impossible to paint a better picture at an event than with that.

It was once the case that hog roasting was very expensive, only the wealthy and regal had the money to throw around to afford lives greatest pleasure of a spit roast pig or other whole meat.

But now that couldn’t be further from the truth, because the truth is that Spitting Pig catering is excellent value, and in the food stakes our menus blow every other alternative out of the water and into space.

We construct our menus with ingredients that are grown regionally, the pigs are bred organic and are reared with care and expertise not too dissimilar from the care and expertise we spit roast the pigs with. And in keeping with that theme, the chefs also have in common with the pigs that they’re thoroughbreds.

Like the pigs we use, the chefs are bred of the very best stuff. The several hog roast chefs at Taste the Cracklin can bang with the best of them, regionally, nationally and even globally – they’re that good.

All but one of our chefs have been with us from the start, with further experiences before that, which puts them in the very best stead for hog roasting at your event.

Trust The Experts At Hog Roast Monwouth

It goes without saying that the chefs will be working hard at your event, but depending on your event type so will the waiting team. The waiting team is courteous, approachable and above all else they know what they’re doing and have been apart of many large events, events that require complex logistical operations that our waiting team are all too happy to carry out.

We’re excellent at catering management where many hog roasters fall short. Making great food is only part of the picture, for the food to get to your guests in a professional manner you’ll really see results from us, we’re one of the few if not the only hog roaster with a know-how and grace to prosper at informal, black tie events.

As soon as a booking is made for a hog roast with us, you’ll be given the details of the Taste the Cracklin chef, the chef who will personally be tasked with giving your event the best ever hog roast.

The reason you’ll be given contact details for the chef is because we believe that for event organisation purposes it’s far better, not to mention easier for you, if you can speak with the person who’ll be catering a hog roast for you. It saves you having to call the office, with messages being passed from person to person.

What better way to make event changes or create bespoke menus than by having a direct, easily used communication line to your chef. It’s ingenious and it helps build relationships, you won’t feel like a team of strangers are turning up at your event if you already know our chef.

Many of our customers are considered true friends, and vice versa, thanks in part to our easy, friendly communication.

Despite being a service that’s still in its infancy, relative to our catering services, our machine hire is expanding at a rapid rate.

Spit roast and tray roast machines that can be hired for one off events or for month long periods of hire, no wonder individuals and culinary businesses are biting our arms off to get in on Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast hire in Monworth.

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