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Newbury is a town with a racecourse but also steeped in history surrounded by pretty countryside. For those who love the outdoors there are activities ranging from fishing to canoeing.

Hog roast Newbury is famous for its attention to detail and for its puddings. We can offer you a simple hog on a roll or up to a 4 or 5 course meal ideal for wedding breakfasts or team building exercises.

A hog roast is similar to a spit roast used in medieval times to cook pork and other pieces of meat over a fire the meat was turned until it cooked. The hog roast machine is its modern day equivalent and can also cook poultry such as our free range chicken, fish or it can be used as a barbecue.

The secret about a hog roast is that it cooks in its own juices and remains succulent and this means that the hog roast does not need constantly watching.

Our other menus include canapés and pre dinner drinks for weddings or functions. We offer meat ranging from pork to lamb all locally sourced, we can serve it with rice or potatoes and vegetables followed by a pudding such as crème Brule.

For weddings we also bake cakes according to your specifications and we can be contacted by our website or by phone we aim to reply within 24 hours with sample menus and quote to suit your pocket.

Caters For All With Hog Roast Newbury

Hi my name is Claire I would to talk to you about my hog roast that I did myself with hog roast hire Newbury’s help but I enjoyed doing it. What is special about a hog roast as it cooks in its own juices the meat stays tender and it does not need checking every 5 minutes.

Secondly the way that it is cooked is attractive and it almost becomes the centre piece of the party for charity functions it also helps sell tickets. The hog roast machine is CE marked that means it meets health and safety standards and is regularly checked.

There are two sized machines one for larger parties and one for parties of about 50. I chose the smaller one they delivered it and demonstrated how to use it. In about 5 minutes I had picked it up and they left returning to pick it up when the party was over.

I chose pork as I like the crackling and served it with roast potatoes with herbs and vegetables. Another plus that there is also room on the machine to cook your vegetables and as it did not need constant checking so I had plenty of time to mix with my guests.

They all commented how attractive it looked and we all agreed it tasted as good as it looked. Aunty Sally had not got her hearing aid and agreed to a round of golf at 8am the following day.

Her boyfriend held her to this as he knew she suffered bad hangovers- I believe the game included a lot of swearing. To this day he did not say what she said but it even shocked him and she fell in the pond. We do not mention it I would do it all over again and I really enjoyed it and at least I now know how to tell when your meat is cooked.

If you didn’t know it is also well known for Greenham Common and historical houses you cannot beat Shaw House. Shaw Houses goes back to the 16th Century and royalty has also stayed there.

In the 1940s it served as a school, and eventually the council did it up after it became empty and opened it up to the public. There is an admission price but it is free to children  under five. Several mounds were found on Wash Common when it was investigated flint tools mean that they could go back as far as the Bronze Age.

If you like architecture, try St. Johns Church that was rebuilt after the war. For children the Nature Discovery Centre or Donington Castle which is free admission it dates back to the 1300s.

There is also a spa, a country club or a look at the old cloth hall that serves as a market for an example of Jacobean woodwork. With a canal trip from so give us a call we will help you celebrate your event with something different. We await your call and will keep the coffee hot.

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