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Norfolk is the seventh largest non-metropolitan county in the glorious British Isles. It’s famed for many things, the rich and luscious region is simply one of the best places to have a hog roast or spit roast catered event – that s for sure.

Our services range from our glorious garden parties in Ainsdale through to our delightful and much – loved bespoke wedding catered events across Norwich.

A famous and delightful feature within the confines of the non-metropolitan county of Norfolk are the Broads. Situated close to areas such as Gissing and Hunstanton, this network of intricate rivers and waterways are a lovely place to sit back, let your hair down and indulge in a fabulous hog and spit roast catered event.

It really couldn’t be any better. The flat and fertile lands are simply fantastic when it comes to sourcing some of the country’s finest vegetable and salad produce – which goes really well with our spit roasted meats in Snetterton.

Although the area and general region which Norfolk sits is has a low population density, the people of the area still know how to throw a really good party – and this is something which we see time and time again at the various and diverse hog and spit roast events which we have the pleasure of catering at.

From sports teams who wish to celebrate the end of the season, through to RAF parties near Bedale– our back-catalogue of parties and events makes for illustrious and interesting reading indeed. Just like the famous butterflies which frequent only Norfolk and nowhere else – so too are high quality hog and spit roast services to be found nowhere else in Norfolk without the Taste the Cracklin team in tow. Great taste every time.

In order for your hog roast catering event to be a complete success, we always work with our customers so that what they ask for will be exactly what they get. Furthermore, we always make sure that the price which we charge our customers is within their budget.

By a customer stating to us about how much they have to spend means that we will adhere to this amount and never offer a particular service which would be outside of their means.

The Hunstanton Market Autumn Fair was taking place not far away from the retail district and we all couldn’t wait to see what was in store for us largely due to the scent which was wafting towards us.

Although there were other food stalls which were placed all around the Fair, the one smell which was overpowering us was coming from the corner of the Autumn Fair. We all soon headed towards this food stall and were suitably impressed.

I soon treated everyone to a hog roll with our youngest child even having her own. The meat which was served to us was satisfying to say the very least because the meat was succulent and was accompanied with bramely sauce and a gravy of some sort which the pig roast caterer had made himself.

As we walked around the Autumn Fair, we played the many games which were on offer as well and enjoyed ourselves as the weather was surprisingly warm for this time of year. Despite how wonderful the Fair was, we all couldn’t stop ourselves from heading towards the hog roast caterer again for another serving.

This time, we all decided that we would opt for another form of meat which he was serving as not only did he provide hog roast meat but also a venison option. Our oldest child was swayed by the venison serving and my wife has always liked deer so she went for that option as well.

For me, I wanted to see for myself what they all tasted like together so all types of slices were carved up and served in one huge roll. All purchased at a very reasonable price, we were treated to a taste sensation and we happily ate this as we continued to wander around the Autumn Fair.

As we had finished this next serving, we decided that we would have another but try what else was on offer. Not only was hog roast meat of many kinds available to chomp on but other food too.

In the case of the hog roast caterer, he also offered fresh roasted vegetables which looked wonderful so we each had a small serving of this.

Although we did not notice it at first, we were soon offered chestnuts by the same hog roast caterer but were provided on smart trays which were being held by helpful youngsters which the hog roaster had also provided. It seemed as though the caterer had thought of everything.

After our last serving of food, me and my family were by now well and truly satisfied. Not only had we sampled delicious meat of many kinds but we also sampled the other type of food which the same hog roast caterer had provided as well.

When we had eaten our last morsel, I walked up to the hog roast caterer when he surprisingly had no customers to serve and thanked him for what he had provided. Asking how much he charged, the price quoted to me was very reasonable.

Producing a pen and pad, I was very interested in his services because with my partner’s birthday only a few weeks away hiring his hog roast catering services would be a great surprise. I asked him about the meat he used and how he managed to get such a great flavour.

Many previous customers have questioned me about the source of my food and what conditions the animals were reared in. I can vouch for the animals which are used and I regularly visit the farms which supply me with this source of meat.

By doing this means I am able to check that there will be enough stock for when I require it and it allows for me to see the animals own condition before slaughter which has continuously impressed me.

At times when demand is high for my hog roast catering services and stock starts to run low at this particular farm, I decide to use the stock from a nearby farm and I visit his farm on a regular basis to make sure that the meat which I may need can be supplied at short notice if this is needed.

As the food which we consumed was excellent and tasted wonderful, I couldn’t recommend hog roast catering enough. Well at Hog Roast Catering it has. We bring something different and exciting to the table, but is equally enjoyable at all ages.

We are an outside catering company specializing in hog roasts, spit roasts and barbecues. You may think its never exactly the weather for barbecues being in England with its unpredictable weather but we have it covered as we also provide a marquee service.

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