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The visitor, when entering the glorious confines of Northamptonshire, may be forgiven for feeling as though they have entered possibly one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles.

Ceremonial and most ancient county, the area and region which dictates the land name Northamptonshire is indeed rather sparsely populated. However, this is something we see as a resounding positive – as the world is becoming too crowded these days.

In Appleby you can really absorb the nature of the surroundings. Or why not choose to get married in Northampton – here we can serve you one of our delightful and exquisite hog roast wedding menus – something which your wife or husband to be will simply enjoy to the absolute maximum.

Titchmarsh is a beautiful part of the county – steeped in tradition and great for those who love to shop at proper farmers markets. Here, many farmers and growers take their produce and the public can come to purchase it.

We see this as a far better way of shopping – as the quality of produce is so much higher, and at the same time you help to keep local growers growing! In Staverton and Fotheringay you can really see this great tradition in action – which very succinctly sums up the beautiful and relatively eclectic nature of Wooler itself.

When it comes to booking in your next catered event in Northamptonshire – you need look no further than us; as we place emphasis on quality, we take our time as we flame roast and we serve with distinction – every time.

If you do not like Pork, or maybe cannot eat it on religious grounds. That’s absolutely fine, because we can also cook other meats on our machines including, spit roast lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, pig and other animals.

The great thing about hog roasting and all other types of spit roasting is in the simplicity, you season or marinade your meat and cook it, there’s very little room for the error or mistakes that can come with more complicated cooking methods, mistakes that even world class chefs can often make.

When it comes to meat spit roasting stands head and shoulders above the rest because as the animal cooks the skewer is constantly spinning, this makes sure the animal is cooked evenly but better still it stops juices and flavour from running off the meat. You’ll never have the problem of dry or tasteless meat when you roast your meat on one of our hog roast machines.

Corporate catering has never been the same since we started to offer our freshly spit roasted hogs. No more boring finger buffets with their lukewarm sausage rolls and soggy quiche.

Say goodbye to dried up sandwiches, stale crisps and greasy cheese straws. Create the right impression with clients and prospects, or simply give your employees a real treat.

Serve up a succulent hog barm. The taste is exquisite. With the flavour of the soft meat with its warm juices circulating around their taste buds, it is something they won’t forget for a long while. Northamptonshire is surely the ideal place for a hog roast, with its long history of livestock farming.

The local farmer’s prize-winning livestock Northamptonshire guarantees the best when it comes to supplying meat for spit roasts. The results will be prize winning every time soft, succulent, tasty hot juicy meat, with crunchy crispy crackling.

You can count on us to provide a professionally served spit roast to cater for your corporate event. We supply and deliver the roasting machine, the hogs, and a chef. Just let us know where and when your event is, how many you need us to cater for, and the type of menu you would like us to supply.

Our chef will arrive at your event about four hours before you are ready to serve the food. He will set up the roasting machine discretely and start the hog roasting.

An average hog takes between three and four hours to spit roast and feeds about two hundred mouths. For the next three hours or so the hog will turn slowly, releasing smoky, meaty aromas into the air, and when it is time to eat, our chef will carefully carve and serve the meat. You will not have to do anything.

The meats are sourced locally, supporting the local community and its traditions, and are delivered in a refrigerated unit to guarantee freshness and optimal taste.

If you prefer meats other than hog, or you prefer to have a wider selection available for your guests, we can also supply spring lamb, beef or chicken. How about a Christmas turkey or goose if your event is around Christmas time.

We can also supply the barms, salad, and compliments including pork and apple stuffing, and our very own home made apple sauce. Select from our different menu options, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you want them tweaked in any way.

If you have special dietary requirements such as coeliac, diabetic, Halal and Kosher, we can cater for those too. Just let us know what it is you need and we will do our very best to ensure you get it.

Of course you will naturally want to complement your succulent spit roasted hog with some local tit bits and provide your guests with a taste of Northamptonshire on the side. We can do that for you too.

After your guests are satisfied, we will pack up quietly and discretely to ensure that they are not distracted from your presentations. There will be no mess for you to clean up – in fact you will hardly know that we were there.

Only the rich aromas of traditional, rustic cooking that remain lingering in the air, and the tasty juices from the soft, succulent meat that remain on your guest’s taste buds, will be evidence that we were ever there at all.

Our specialist hog roast company is both a national and a local caterer. We started in the south east, but now have locations covering the whole of Britain. Wherever you are in we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today for more details on how we can make your corporate event a memorable one.

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