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The lovely and theatrically beautiful county of Oxfordshire is probably best known and renowned for its world class and internationally leading University.

Steeped in some of the most glorious history, the great seat of learning which is Oxford University has helped to educate some of the worlds most prominent figures.

In other parts of Oxfordshire, in areas such as Blidworth, a different sort of greatness is achieved when contrasted against the central location of Oxford – however, the whole region and county itself is quite diverse – yet the University plays an unquestioningly large role in the importance of the county as a whole.

Other illustrious aspects of the often quintessential county of Oxford are monuments and palaces such as that of Blenheim Palace. This was built for John Churchill, who famously gained victory at the battle of Blenheim.

The family and ancestral home of our great war-time leader Sir Winston Churchill, this monument to our nations past is best enjoyed with a spit roasted pork and stuffing roll in your hand.

Adderbury is a great place to visit if you feel like soaking up some of the warmer parts of Oxfordshire – its a real treat to go there, especially if you’ve booked a hog and spit roast with us!

Moving into areas such as Brize Norton is great if you’re interested in the RAF – as this is home to one of the most famous RAF bases in the country. Although not many operations are flown from this location, many of our fallen soldiers return to this base in military transport aircraft – underlining its importance to our nation and region.

Middleton Stoney is the place to be for a prime hog roast, as is the glorious and much loved area of Dorrington.

To all of you out there looking for the perfect hog roast catering why not try our wonderful catering. Amazing hog roasts at reasonable prices for all you roast lovers out there!

We cater for all different kinds of events, from a BBQ event, to weddings with our high standards in presentation. We can display indoor or out, so take your pick. Not only do we cater our mouth watering hog roast but we can also rustle up some turkey, cous cous or even salmon.

We have high standard in presentation and can alter how we set things up all you need to do is ask. We have a large BBQ menu, alongside a beautiful salad and sweet menu.

We only provide the best standard in food, and with us you are guaranteed it is as good as it looks. If this is the kind of event you are looking to host please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to fill you in with more details about events which may be suitable for you, and what we could do for you.

We can cater large events so the more the merrier! All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We recently catered for a charity night at a greyhound racing track. Once our the smells and aromas began to emanate from our hog roast machine, it didn’t take too long for people to slowly begin to move over towards where we were positioned to see what we were cooking.

With one of charity team taking a suggested sum for each hog roast roll, the punters who wanted to have their own hog roast roll could pay for additional extras.

It wasn’t just hog which could be put in the roll but also sausages and spare ribs, which looked just as scrumptious. With extras available such as side portions of potatoes, apple sauce to dollop on the hog roast, salads and more available. There was plenty to go round and the night was a roaring success.

As the charity night progressed and even more people turned up, with large queues of people waiting for their turn. Thankfully, we had more than enough to go around and everybody appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the food on offer.

All the money raised went to charity, so overall it was a great night and experience as we had the opportunity to share the food we love with people who were more than willing to donate to charity for an opportunity to experience it.

I do not have the benefit of being able to look back through old DVD box sets of Inspector Morse but I am pretty sure that of all the murders that took place on the programme (and there were plenty), none of them took place as a result of not being able to attend a hog roast event in Oxford. Now I think that would have made an intriguing, if rather unlikely, story.

Okay, so Inspector Morse, portrayed quite brilliantly by the late Jon Thaw, was never featured in a hog roast related story that I can remember, but maybe he should have been because it’s a meal that the 165,000 people of this rather special city know rather well.

The ‘city of dreaming spires’ certainly looked the part on the TV whilst Morse spent a couple of hours finding the murderer of the episodes latest victim (or victims) so why not add something else into the visuals that looked equally stunning.

Perhaps Morse enjoyed the odd hog roast roll at a beer festival or two? He did like to share a pint of ale or tow with Lewis and he did like the finer things in life like opera and nice cars, so maybe he was a secret fan of the hog roast cooked foods.

Fiction aside, the people of Oxford certainly are a fan of this fantastic catering option with many people choosing roasted pig over the lacklustre catering options of yesteryear.

And with it being such a versatile dish that gives you a truly remarkable tasting meat after that slow roasting process of six hours, is it any wonder that hog roast is making a welcome appearance at formal functions and events too. It is hardly a mystery that Morse would need to investigate!

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