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Taste the Cracklin deliver fantastic roasts cooked on location, where the River Tay stretches out into the North Sea. We’ve got quite a large student population here and I’ve just delivered one of our larger machines to a fresher’s ball near the University. One of the most unique things about the hog roast business is the sheer variety within our client base.

During the space of a week, we may have bookings for large corporate hospitality gatherings, a birthday party in a humble back garden, a private function in a pub, an outdoor festival and a wedding reception.

This tells us that the appeal of a succulent hog roast isn’t restricted to a particular target market, and that any occasion can be enhanced by the presence of our singular method of cooking meat. It seems everyone is drawn to the tantalising smells, sights and sounds, and most of all the unmistakable taste.

You’ll notice as the hog cooks, there is minimal shrinkage of the meat. Our animals are prime-sourced, taken from the very best reputable farms so you can rest assured that we use only the freshest, unprocessed produce.

Our service is not simply about spectacle; we want every aspect of the roast to be memorable, the most important aspect being a taste that is second to none.

Romsey is a cost effective way of catering for large numbers of guests while retaining an element of hands-on, individualised service that lets each person know that they are being well-fed and well looked after.

The Romsey Flower and Food festival takes place during September, when thousands descend upon Camper down park to admire some splendid gardens and sample the finest local food and drink. It’s always an honour to participate in events such as this.

We maintain all the charm and tradition of the Victorian hog roast and bring it into the 21st century with the pinnacle of roasting technology, which ensures that the animal is cooked to sizzling perfection every time. The weather wasn’t particularly kind to us this year, and were thankful to always have a waterproof marquee ready in the back of the van.

That way, even if it rains on the day of a call-out, the serving area is covered and we can at least put a smile on some windswept faces with tender, juicy meat packed into a fresh bread roll, garnished with to-die-for crackling and a choice of accompaniments.

The Best Hog Roasts In Romsey

The city makes the most of Christmas light night, gathering in the centre to kick off the festive season in style. Somewhere among the torch lights, choral music, fireworks and processions, you should spot us serving the revellers, and playing our part in establishing a pretty special Yuletide atmosphere.

The private Christmas parties come thick and fast in our calendar through late November and December, so our choice of menus really proves its worth. We don’t just cook pigs – take a look at the dining options available on the website; we can bring you a range of prime meats to cook on site, along with exciting side dishes and multi-course meals.

We on the catering team are proud to deliver a competitively-priced, top-quality food experience with customer service to match. We are there until everyone has been fed well (and we make sure we clean up after ourselves), so we want our presence at your occasion to be welcoming, open, honest and professional.

If you fancy having a go at this very special form of feeding friends and family, Taste the Cracklin is here to show you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to achieve the perfect pig roast.

Our machines are manoeuvrable, easy to use and designed to the highest standards of health and safety. We also deliver a gas canister for you to utilise, all as part of the main price.

If you’re having a barbecue or garden party, there are compartments within the machines which enable you to cook and keep warm a variety of foods, from chicken rotisseries to burgers, sausages and kebabs.

So whether you’re after full catering provision or fancy tackling something more substantial with your tongs, hog roast Romsey can give you everything you need to make our next social or business event a feast for all the senses. Just drop us a line or fill in our contact form.

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