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Welcome to Ruislip, a north west corner of the capital home to thirty thousand people and also a place where the UK hog roast revolution is very firmly taking hold. If you have not yet heard about this revolution then you have come to the right place because I can help you catch up on what’s been happening.

Firstly, have you ever been to a hog roast event or any party where it was the main meal? If so then you it may help you understand why the fascination for this feast has been rekindled in recent years, but don’t worry if you are a newcomer, as all will become clear. In short, it is all about out the old and in with the…old!

Confusing isn’t it? You see, it maybe a enjoying a surge in popularity in recent years but that certainly does not mean it is a new invention or a creation of the TV chefs. Far from it. it has its roots very firmly in the past.

The Medieval past, to be precise. This was a feast that was big and fierce in every respect, from the huge bulk of a big pig to the fierce open fire over which it was cooked, hog roasts were and impressive sight. And by all accounts, a tasty one too. The fact that many of the wealthier individuals enjoyed a hog roast says it all.

I am sure that right here in Ruislip, where there is more than a fair share of historic buildings from those times, a few hog roasts were regularly cooked. But that was way back then. What about Taste the Cracklin now?

Well, it’s like nothing has changed. Hog roast is now enjoying something of a Ruislip renaissance with more and more people opting to have a celebration, birthday, christening, wedding, corporate event or any other kind of event.

It seems that the hog roast hire Ruislip caterer is proving to be a very busy person these days and there do not appear to be any signs of this new found popularity waning.

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The Taste the Cracklin phenomenon certainly isn’t an age thing, as you see just as many young people enjoying a good hog roast as anyone else.

In fact, maybe the younger generation have embraced it more warmly than anyone else. They have grown up watching the TV chefs reiterate how important back to basics cooking is and how crucial quality ingredients are in every meal.

Well, in Ruislip, you could not get anything more traditional or back to basics! It seems that this aspect of it really appeals to the younger generation, and that is a very encouraging sign indeed!

There is also a lot to be said about the level of hard work that the Taste the Cracklin chef goes to in order to produce what is a quite stunning meal. It may, on the face of it, seem like a hog roast is quite a simplistic meal but it still requires a great degree of input and effort from the caterer to get it just right.

For instance, you would not think that choosing the pig would be a particular challenge but this is something that has to be done with care, otherwise you don’t get the right flavours or you don’t get the right size pig.

Each Ruislip pig is carefully selected so that everything is spot on. And as for the cooking process, you may be astonished to learn that this too is far from straightforward, in fact it requires around six hours cooking time to ensure each and every pig is not only thoroughly cooked but benefiting from the optimum amount of crackling.

And there were we thinking it was all so very simple. But you will be pleased to know that every minute is absolutely worth it and the rewards of the cooking is in the eating.

If ever a meal benefited from six hours cooking then it is most surely the hog roast. Never before has a humble pig tasted so utterly superb. It all begins to make sense now why it is back with a vengeance; it tastes superb.

If you are the early stages of planning a social event or a corporate function then why not give it some serious consideration before you choose something less tasty and less exciting. Go the whole hog and make it a Ruislip, Taste the Cracklin hog roast event.

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