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As the nights get longer and colder, it can be difficult to motivate yourself too much for any big event organising, but the chances are that there is always something on the horizon that will need some sorting out.

If you are from a large extended family or are one of those very lucky people with a plethora of friends then your diary is probably full and if you are not planning something, the chances are you are being to invited to something pretty soon.

If this sounds familiar then consider yourself very privileged to live here in Scarborough. When it comes to venues to host your autumn or winter events then this Yorkshire town probably has everything you could possibly need to get the party started.

And with Scarborough being named as the most enterprising town in the United Kingdom a few years back, you can expect some innovative ideas when it comes to events and the catering for them.

Now, the town cannot claim to be the pioneer in the latest catering phenomenon to hit Scarborough and the United Kingdom but I am sure it played a key role.

And what is the phenomenon? Well, it has to the rise and rise of Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast catered for event in Scarborough.

I told you the town was innovative. Here we are in twenty first century Britain and we are talking about Taste the Cracklin catering. Hog roast, don’t forget, is a Medieval feast.

Yes, Medieval. So what on Earth is a dish so old doing being served at events and special functions in this corner of Yorkshire? And what has led to the hog roast hire Scarborough caterer being called upon time and again to bring the power of the spitting pig to so many occasions?

Well, I have a theory. People were getting downright bored to death with the same old tired old catering options that were being served up time after time at special events.

No imagination, no excitement and absolutely no flavour. And now that the colder evenings are upon us, surely there is a greater need to add a bit of warmth and excitement into event catering?

I think this is why the craze has caught hold. Hog roast may be an old feast from centuries ago but it just works as the perfect catering solution.

Great Food For All Occasions in Scarborough

Everything about a roasting pig is just so absolutely right for a function at any time of year but especially into the end months of the year, for it is a warming, rich, hearty meat that is jam packed with intense, succulent rich flavours that all the usual catering suspects simply cannot match. Cold pizza? No way.

Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast is the Rolls Royce of event catering in so many way and it really can lighten up any event in so many ways. One part of that is down to the fact that it is a freshly cooked solution.

Yes, freshly cooked; two words that appear alien to many a caterer, where the nearest they come to fresh cooking is making a slice of toast or putting a pizza in the oven. Hog roast is the ultimate in fresh cooking because the chef actually chooses the pig that you are going to eat.

The meat has to be just right which is why each pig is selected carefully from a local supplier.

It has to be spot on for your Scarborough event or else it won’t get chosen. The right amount of fat is essential, especially for all the crackling fans out there….and let’s face it, who doesn’t like crackling?

So, the meat is chosen. Now the hard work begins. If you have ever been to a Taste the Cracklin event before, you will no doubt have been impressed by the chef working hard whilst they tend to the whole pig as it slowly roasts away. But you are probably only seeing a fraction of the story, as that same pig will have roasting away for many hours before.

It takes six hours to cook a pig, which explains why the meat always tastes so incredible.

All those flavours have been absorbed into the meat for a Taste the Cracklin, taste sensation. There really is a lot to a hog roast, be it flavour, hard work or careful decision making.

However there is one really easy decision that you can make and that is to make sure your next event is a Taste the Cracklin hog roast event.

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