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It was not just the industrial revolution that created some real powerhouses in northern Britain.

Geography has helped play a part in many a town’s success over the centuries. Many a town and city has gone from strength to strength on the back of its location or proximity to river.

Geology may also feature in the growth of a particular location. There are many factors to consider.

The Yorkshire town of Selby benefited in two ways, both geographically and geologically. Its location at the tidal part of the River Ouse helped Selby establish a significant shipbuilding industry, whilst Selby also had a rich coal seam which led it to it being one of the most productive areas for coal mining in the United Kingdom.

Times have changed though. Coal mining is no longer a factor in the town and shipbuilding is long since gone. Selby is not sleeping though and this is still a busy and thriving town, home to thirteen thousand people.

Some aspects of our history may disappear but others simply lie dormant ready to rise again when the time is right.

In the case of hog roast, the Medieval feast, it seems that the time is most definitely right, and judging by the interest in hog roast Selby events, it is going to enjoy this rise for a long time to come!

Yes, Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast does sound unusual that such an old food should be making a bit of a name for itself centuries later but there has been a growing trend in recent years for a move back to a more traditional, flavoursome approach to the food we eat.

The TV chefs are always waxing lyrical about the wealth of great ingredients we have at our disposal these days and the great importance that cooking processes can have on the whole flavour.

All these factors seem to be play straight into the hands of the hog roast hire Selby caterer, for they know that hog roast is one of the most traditional feasts available and that it uses one top quality ingredients.

A great quality pig is essential and this is why they choose their animal very carefully. Size is obviously a big factor as is the level of fat.

All pigs are locally sourced and are of course properly reared to all the necessary standards…but it takes more than a quality pig to make for a superb hog roast which is why the chef makes the cooking process that little bit extra special for your guests, too.

Hog Roast Selby – Leaders In Our Field

Having a chef to look after all your cooking and serving is something that your guests will love but even more impressive is the sheer apparent extravagance of the hog roast as it is being cooked.

There can be no greater sight at a special occasion than being greeted by the vision of a hog roasting away atop a hog roasting machine. It has to be said that every time I see a hog roast cooking away, I never fail to be impressed. Your guests will love it, too.

You will get to see some of the cooking but you most definitely do not want to see it all as it goes on for quite some time.

Now, I am sure that you are a very patient person indeed and are fascinated by the cooking process but could you really watch on for six hours while the hog roast is cooked to perfection? No, I did not think so.

You see, six hours is what it takes for the hog roast to not only cook but to give up all of its incredible flavours. Slow roasting is like magic. Over that period of time, it will slowly let the flavours from the bones soak into the meat and it is that process that created the unique and quite amazing flavour that you only get with hog roast.

It is worth the wait, but you will be grateful that you do not have to watch it all happen!

Hog roast is also a very accommodating feast indeed, which is sort of what you’d expect from a whole pig. Perhaps not this accommodating though, because if you have invited a hundred guests, this one pig can feed each and every one of them….and still have a few servings left over. Can’t be bad.

Enjoy a little history lesson by going all Medieval for your event. Book a Taste the Cracklin hog roast and savour the flavours.

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