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Shipston-on-Stour is a beautiful town that resides on the River Stour. Many of the buildings are painted white and this creates a historic look to the town. While we were there, we got the chance to pop into the gorgeous seventeenth century Horseshoe Inn for a cheeky pint!

The team at Taste the Cracklin received such a friendly welcome from everyone there and it was a lovely place to visit for what turned out to be a hectic week!

Our first job of the week was a birthday party for an elderly gentleman who was celebrating his 40th birthday party (*again!). The venue they had chosen was all prepared for the celebration, with balloons and banners at the ready.

However, so many people had difficulty leaving their homes and making their way to the venue that only 3 guests arrived. It was a complete disappointment for the gentleman and his family who had worked hard to make the afternoon a delight.

However, there were several family members who had managed to make their way to the gentleman’s home with birthday presents and someone suggested the party might be better if we could move it to his home. So, the Shipston-on-Stour team set off, moving the hog roast (and also some of the bigger balloons!) to the new venue.

While it was slightly upsetting that so much effort had been made but not been appreciated by many of the guests, the lovely homely atmosphere of the day could not have been better.

With a pile of wellies mounting at the door, a warm welcome and a glass of hot mulled wine, the cosy winter party could not have been nicer. There were guests arriving throughout the day and many of the children arrived earlier than expected due to school closures.

They definitely appreciated the warmth of the hog roast after a particularly aggressive snowball fight!

The Best Hog Roasts In Shipston on Stour

Despite many people’s dislike of the bitterly cold and snowy weather and the problems it caused for many of the guests (and the DJ and photographer who didn’t arrive), here at Taste the Cracklin, we find that an atmosphere like this one, a cosy, homely, family orientated celebration is made perfect by our glowing roasts.

The cold outside contrasts with the heat which rises from our mouth-watering roasts and while the snow isn’t always fun, it makes our hog roasts taste even better.

The gentleman and his family were really pleased with the party celebrations despite the difficulties during the day. Our team did the best they could to make this event special and our efforts were greatly appreciated – the family have already booked us for a summer event when it won’t be so cold!

The versatility of a hog roast and the commitment of our fully qualified staff team means that we can provide you and your event with something special, whatever the weather!

During the winter months, it can provide that much needed warmth for any buffet or sit down meal and is also a stunning centrepiece unlike any other.

While many people like to make a spectacle of their event, sometime this isn’t always possible, due to budget (or in this case bad weather conditions) but the beauty of a hog roast is that it is a spectacle in itself!

Not only can a it serve as many or as few guests as required depending on the size of the pig but it looks stunning and brings warmth to any occasion.

For this family, Taste the Cracklin was definitely the right choice for their celebration as we were able to make their day despite complications. We aren’t called ‘Taste the Cracklin’ for nothing as it is our crackling and accompaniments that make the meal complete.

However, we know that a good buffet isn’t just about the catering but is also about quality customer care. Our excellent customer service and mouth-watering menus keep our customers happy and that’s why they return to us time and again.

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