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The fantastically beautiful ceremonial county of Shropshire lies in the region known as the West-Midlands. Although, to some, the image which is conjured following the term ‘West-Midlands’ is that of a flat and industrialised area, the beautiful topography and natural landmarks contained within Shropshire counter this idea. Very close to the well known lush landscapes of Wales, places such as Chinnor really show off the county.

Along with more populated areas such as Telford, Shropshire has a very wide diversity of population centres and places to see. Technically one of the counties with one of the lowest population densities in the whole of the UK, we still never find numbers short when it comes to having a hog and spit roast catered event conducted by us.

By using the very finest ingredients, sourced from epic locations such as Worfield and Norbury – we ensure that the food we serve has the very best beginnings.

Where many hog and spit roast caterers try to scrimp and save by using lesser ingredients, Taste the Cracklin always stand by the fact that great events will generate repeat custom; thus we stand by the notion that it is better to use the best ingredients, for our clients interests and our own.

In Hinstock you can have your wedding catering conducted by us – in a manner that will blow you away, for sure. Or perhaps you wish to have a garden party or corporate hospitality catering in Castle Cary?

Not a problem – our fully comprehensive catering service can offer you our full range of menus and service options anywhere in the region! Using high-tech and top of the range machines, we can roast anywhere – indoors or out – giving you the ultimate freedom of choice.

Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast catering is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of catering across the country. Having a hog roast for the catering at your party provides a perfect centre piece for any party or event. The Shropshire area is a hot bed for big events and is full of tourist attractions which all need to be catered for.

Here at Hog Roast Event Catering we believe that we kind provide catering suitable for all events. Whether it is providing food for one of the local festivals or providing food for events such as weddings and birthdays, we have all bases covered.

Most events of these kinds attract a large number of people, often families, who all need feeding at the same time. This is where we come in. We provide quick, affordable and quality food for the masses.

As well as provide delicious and succulent food, we all provide a chef to cook, prepare and carve your pig. We also provide your event with serving tables, napkins, plates and condiments and we also make sure that all of our rubbish is cleared away and taken off-site.

The advantages of this are endless, not only are you getting the highest quality food around, you are getting excellent and efficient customer service. It is very difficult to feed large amounts of people at public events but our hog roast service can do it with ease.

Our chefs who carve and serve the pig are very quick, it is not very common to find such good food being served at such a quick rate. As well as being quick, we also make the catering at your event hassle free for the day. Once we are at your event we do everything for you.

We set everything up and do the cooking, serving and cleaning ourselves, making the catering completely hassle free. Every year there are thousands of individual events that take place across the UK, ranging from corporate team building events to school fares and one problem that all these events face is choosing the catering.

Here at Taste the Cracklin, we feel that we can provide food and service that meets all your needs. Every November we celebrate Bonfire Night with traditional toffee apples, fireworks and of course the main event, the lighting of the bonfire.

This is the kind of event that attracts lots of people from around the surroundings to attend with their friends and families. This means a lot of people need feeding. A lot of these events provide food from caterers such as burger vans or pie and peas but it is not often that you see good quality fresh food.

It is the perfect way to provide cheap, quick and delicious food to the masses. We provide the perfect menu for this. Our starter menu serves our hot roasted pork in fresh bread rolls with apple sauce and crispy crackling.

As well as providing the succulent pork sandwiches we also provide trained chefs to carve and serve the food, a serving table for napkins, plates and condiments and we also make sure that all our rubbish is taken off site and disposed of.

When the hog roast is ready to eat our chef’s hand carve the meat in front of the guests giving the food a very authentic and fresh feel to it. This kind of service is ideal for an event of this size.

On average we can serve around 50 people in half an hour and there is no limit to how many hog roast machines you can hire. It is quick and affordable but most of all it is hassle free.

The last thing you want to be doing all night is preparing pie and peas and worrying about whether you have enough or not and is everything staying hot, we do everything for you.

We want to make sure that if you organise the event you have one less thing to worry about knowing that the catering is sorted.

But most of all we aim to provide delicious and succulent food. What better way to warm yourself up on a cold November night than a freshly prepared hot pork sandwich.

Providing Hog Roasts for these kinds of family events is becoming a very popular way of catering and it is clear to see why. The food is excellent, the service is excellent and the price is excellent. Hog Roast catering is the perfect way to make sure everyone at your party, including yourself, leaves feeling satisfied.

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